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Today we assembled out Top 10 Wooden Sculptures, introducing some of our favorite artists doing their magic with wood. Which is your favorite? SEAT. The Design collaboration Eboarch by Yon Ju Lee and Brian Brush from New York created a playful object out of simple wooden chairs, that deals with the question of how we see and experience the architectural world around us.  He explores the human figure with his wooden sculptures and shows incredible skills in carving wood. He uses the material to highlight the harmony as well as the conflicts between man and nature. We are especially intrigued by the contrast between the smoothly carved figures and the harshly treated surfaces. _ Continue ReadingRelated Posts. Art · Exhibition. Jan 4, - Wood carvings, sculpture, ivory carvings, etc. See more ideas about sculptures, sculpture, carving.  10 sculptures de Debra Bernier. Debra Bernier est une artiste canadienne. Ses oeuvres sont le fruit d'une collaboration entre son talent artistique. Seeing these skilled carvers transform a block of wood into an expressive artwork is really fascinating. From hand-carved to laser-cut wood sculptures made from single or multiple blocks of wood, this collection will bring enjoyment and inspiration to all art designers, not only sculptors, novices and professionals alike. Wickedly Deceptive Wood Sculptures by Tom Eckert [Photos]. Wickedly Deceptive Wood Sculptures by Tom Eckert [Photos]. Tom Eckert is a sculptor who embraces traditional methods to carve and paint wood pieces into sculptures, except Read more. Caricature Carvings by Phil Bis.

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