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After the hole is drilled, insert a deck screw. The two screws form the hinge and allow the door to open. Growing trees may loosen mounts and make boxes less attractive to the birds. Conservation : Waterfowl Research. It comes with a large duci door that will give you easy access to inside the duck house.

Tip: For best results during the entire construction of your wood duck box, drill pilot holes as needed using an appropriate size drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of your wood screws to avoid splitting your boards. Attach the floor by fastening two screws through the back 1 and two through the side 2.

Drill a pilot hole and cut out the entry hole using a jigsaw. See detailed view below. Proper entry hole dimensions are critical. Score the inside face of the front 4 with a saw. The horizontal slots will provide toe holds when the ducklings climb out. Note: You can also use steel hardware cloth fencing attached with a staple gun for toe holds.

Fasten the door at the top with one screw from the front and one from the back. The two screws form the hinge and allow the door to open. Pin the door shut with a nail from the front or add a latch. If using a nail, do not hammer all the way in. You will remove this nail to gain access to the inside of the box for future maintenance e. Attach the roof 6 using four screws from the top and three screws from the back be careful not to screw into the door. Ducks Unlimited does not recommend applying a finish to cedar boxes.

A finish might help to extend the life of a plywood box. If you decide to apply a finish to your nest box, use a nontoxic wood preserver or a light shade of an earth-tone paint. The ducks will find your box by seeing the contrast in color caused by the entry hole.

Do not apply finish inside the box. Cavity nesting ducks do not carry nesting materials. It's important to help them out by placing four to six inches of wood shavings in the bottom of the box. You can find wood shavings at your local pet or farm supply store.

Do not use sawdust. It can suffocate ducklings and holds moisture. Be sure and construct a predator guard for your wood duck box before installing. Every year in the fall, after the nesting season has completed, or in the winter, clean out old nesting material from the box and replace it with a fresh layer of wood shavings.

This annual cleaning needs to be part of your long-term Best Wood Duck Box Plans maintenance commitment once you place your nest box. Once a cavity nesting bird starts using your box, you'll likely see many Wood Duck House Plans Instructions 50 broods raised over the years. Nesting sites for these birds are limited in number. When they find a good nesting site, there is a very good chance they'll return in following years.

If you don't have any ducks using your box over the summer, don't worry. Waterfowl biologists have seen waterfowl migrating in the fall scope out potential nesting sites for next spring. Egg-laying can begin in late January in the South.

In the North, birds return when the ice melts; egg-laying begins soon afterward. Inspect and clean Wood Duck nest boxes before and after breeding season. Nesting habits: Wood Ducks seek out hollow trees, old woodpecker holes, or nest boxes for nesting. Females select the nest site. Males guard females until eggs are near hatching. Southern Wood Ducks can produce two broods per year. Eggs: Typically six to fifteen white, tan, or olive eggs.

Incubation: Twenty-eight days. More if large clutch. Females incubate and tend young. Chicks then leap and glide from nest to the ground or into water, sometimes dozens of feet down.

The female leads ducklings to water to swim and feed. Flight occurs at two months. In the s, the late Don Helmeke, a Minnesota outdoorsman and conservationist, worked long and thoughtfully on Wood Duck nest box plans. His design has withstood the test of time.

Cut out all the pieces according to the drawing linked here. Be certain there are no sharp edges protruding, which can hurt the adults and youngsters alike. Start attaching front and back pieces to side and floor, as shown. Check angle at top of side to ensure proper roof alignment. Drain holes are not used Free Cat House Woodworking Plans Zip Code in this design. The longer piece will be a pivoted door. The angle keeps out water when door is closed.

Test-fit these pieces. Affix smaller Wood Duck House Plans Instructions On side piece through front and back. Screw into floor. Sand the edges on the top portion of the door so it will operate nicely.

Put the door in so that it closes tightly with the degree cut. Drill the holes for the pivot screws, install two deck screws, and see how it works. Adjust if needed. Using a wood rasp, make a finger groove so that the door can be opened easily. Install the roof. Predrill and screw the roof into place. Be certain to not screw into the door side of the box. The nest box can be hung onto a pre-positioned lag screw through the keyhole.

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