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Use spray paint, and make sure it dries completely. Note: the shorter side 7. A hole sized 3" 7. The addition of flower planter creates a subtle manifestation of it. Details here instructables. Females incubate and tend young.

Cedar Wood Duck House Plan Actual Size Wood Duck & Hooded Merganser Entrance Hole (3 1/2" x 4 1/2" - Goldeneyes) (2 1 / 2" circle - Bufflehead) (use as pattern) 11 1/4" Wood Duck House Plans Instructions On floor roof end view involve "hands on" adult supervision -- actual COMPLETION BY AN ADULT. I rip to 8" side side if not 9 1/4" bottom back front inside 15 degree cut LUMBER: Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa Size: 1MB. Apr 19,  · In the s, the late Don Helmeke, a Minnesota outdoorsman and conservationist, worked long and thoughtfully on Wood Duck nest box plans. His design has withstood the test of time. Its success at creating a “safe haven” for nesting birds led to its recommendation by both the Minnesota Waterfowl Association and the Wood Duck Society.

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