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The goal is to eliminate the risk of injury or death from a combustible dust explosion. Printer-friendly version. Permanent plan preservation. Each of these pieces of equipment have a specific role, and sometimes this can cause confusion amount wwood woodworkers. Particular areas of high-risk are the dust collector and transport line.

Start by measuring the length of the branch duct in feet. Find values for the equivalent length of bends in Table 3. Now, taking each branch duct separately, figure the static pressure loss for the portion of the main duct that runs from the point where that branch enters it to the dust collector, using the Worksheet 2 format.

The largest value you calculate for your system then represents the static pressure loss your dust collector must be able to overcome. Enter this figure on Worksheet 1. Worksheet 1 now shows the maximum CFM flow and static pressure loss for your system.

When I find a woodworking plan I like well enough to graduate it to the workshop, I laminate a Skip to main content. Easily calculate flow capacity, ductwork size, static pressure loss. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Text. Printer-friendly version. Read more about Dust Collection. Cordless Cleaners. Collecting dust is just the first step.

Do you have an ignition source? For your DHA process assume the answer is yes. Do you have dust in sufficient quantity to be explosive? However, this can also depend on the type of wood waste; is it a chip or fine powder? Is there a high volume of wood dust generated at the process or machine? For example, Woodworking Dust Collection Systems Canada Price edgebanders do not typically have the same risk as a CNC router or sander. Particular areas of high-risk are the dust collector and transport line. There are many variances to dust collection systems, and some are higher risks than others.

If you are unsure, you need to ask. Spark detection systems can help minimize risk. Is dispersion possible? Is there dust sitting on surfaces which can be disturbed and create Wood Dust Collection Vacuum 01 a dispersion?

This can happen when the dust collection is not sufficient, and operators Wood Dust Collection Requirements 3d use compressed air to clean surfaces. You have to identify these areas and create a plan to keep them clean. Once you identify these problem areas, you need to develop internal processes to eliminate and monitor. Be sure to check your instrument manuals for accurate measurements. For a rectangle, multiply the length by width, then multiply that number by 28 to find the flow of CFM at 4, feet per minute fpm airflow.

See the following chart for fpm reference. Note: If you are connecting multiple machines and do not have blast gates to cut off airflow for machines not in use, you need to add all machine CFMs together to determine your required maximum airflow.

I would highly recommend installing blast gates because they will improve the performance of your setup. Static Pressure Loss is caused by friction from wood chips and sawdust debris rubbing up the side of the dust collector tubing.

The more bends and angles you have in your ductwork, the greater your static pressure loss. Add up the branches as well as the central duct. Using an online static loss calculator will ensure your best results. To cut down on static pressure loss, create a floor plan with ductwork as straight as possible — the more bends in your ductwork, the greater static pressure loss.

Straight tubes will lose less pressure than degree angles. Similarly, two degree angles placed a space apart from each other will lose less pressure than one degree angle. Any dust collector you select must meet or exceed your CFM and static pressure loss numbers at a minimum. The higher you go, the more powerful your system. When purchasing your dust collector, consider whether you are planning to add machinery into your shop. For beginner woodworkers, there are two units that I really like.

This system will capture up to CFM which should be plenty strong for most new woodworkers. It has great reviews and does a really nice job as well. If you look online, you can find several modifications that people have made to increase the efficiency of the unit of filter out even more dust particles.

Both companies make various sized units to fit your specific needs. Bother brands have been around in the woodworking industry for quite some time and have a great reputation.

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