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We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Why trust us? 38 Creative Easter Basket Ideas That You Can Make for Your Whole Family.  On Easter Sunday, everyone is more concerned about everything that's tucked inside their baskets than the baskets themselves. While it may be hard to compete with chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and sugary-sweet basket stuffers, these fun Easter basket ideas will still find a way to grab everyone's attention. Most of the homemade baskets on this list are embellished with seasonal decorations — faux flowers, pastel eggs, and bunny faces — but there are also some ideas tailored specifically for different interests and age groups, including toddlers, babies, kids, teens, and adults. We've 21 Fun DIY Easter Basket Ideas that are great for anyone on your Easter basket making list from toddlers to teens.  Have some tutti fruity fun with this cheery Easter basket. Add some bright fruit plastic Easter eggs, banana pens, fruit slices putty, and water bead squeeze fruits to create a sweet surprise. Use our free printable strawberry seeds and leaves to create the fruit themed basket. If you want more girl Easter basket ideas see Easter Basket Ideas for Girls. Get the Download. 2. They include Easter baskets for boys and girls, paper baskets, free printable templates, and even how to sew mini baskets for Easter eggs. Your kids are going to be proud to Easter Egg Hunt with their amazing homemade Easter basket this year! Easter Basket Ideas for Boys. 30 DIY Easter Baskets for Boys to Make ~ Easter basket ideas for boys don’t have to be boring or sports themed. Check out these amazing boy Easter baskets in cool themes and great textures. Edible Easter Baskets. DIY Edible Candy Easter Basket Tutorial by thekrazycouponlady. Minie Edible Candy Easter Basket Tutoriala by betha.

It can be tough to do something fresh and original every year, especially if you have more than one Easter basket to make. Most of these ideas are pretty practical, and there is one everyone would love to have. If you have a tween-aged girlwood easter basket plans us may be past the typical woven basket with fake grass sticking out of the sides. Instead, skip the basket altogether.

Use a make-up bag for the basket and fill dood with fun lip gloss and candy. Little boys can be a lot of fun, but they can sometimes run past the cuteness of the Easter basket and dig right into the goodies.

This year make the basket stand out too. You can use a football helmet as an Easter basket idea and fill it with goodies. Instead, catch their attention with this unique wreath. The wreath is constructed from faux grass.

All the goodies are pinned to the wreath. This can be anything from candy to gift cards. They can be stuffed with festive faux grass, and you can easteer slide a variety eastrr candy, gift cards, toys, or a matching umbrella inside them. Instead of filling a basket with candy, fill a basket with liquor. You can forgo the basket but buy them their favorite wood easter basket plans us of shoes instead. Fill the bas,et with all their favorite snacks. Do you have a child with allergies?

Instead, you can find an adorable umbrella and fill it with a variety of movies, books, and small toys. Instead, buy a baby wood easter basket plans us like ua dump truck pictured and fill it with baby food, teething rings, and other fun supplies.

If you have tiny tots, their eyes will light up when woos see they have their very own kiddie pool. Fill the bwsket with lots of fun goodies for the kids to enjoy. You can add fun wood easter basket plans us toys, books, candy, and any other items you know your kids will love or need for this summer. I love giving practical gifts which are fun too. How much more practical can you get than getting your toddler a potty seat for an Easter basket?

This would be an Easter basket my husband would love to get. If you have someone in your life who loves their tools, why not incorporate it into their basket? You can purchase a toolbox and fill it with everything from tools, to shoes, to even a few candy pieces or a gift card. Do ezster have someone in your life who loves to cook or bake? This is a wonderful idea to spur on a hobby, or if you know they struggle with diabetes or a food allergy, this could help keep them on track over the holiday.

Hasket are all about Fortnite right now. If you have a gamer on your hands, consider making them this unique and inexpensive Easter basket. You can purchase each of the items from a discount store. Wood easter basket plans us, the tutorial offers unique labels to go along with the Fortnite theme.

Little ones love their sandboxes. Why not incorporate it into their Easter basket? You can use the sandbox as the actual basket. From there, fill it with candy, movies, books, or other small toys they could use when playing in the sandbox.

Do you live near the beach or are you planning on making a beach trip this year? Use the beach bag as the Easter basket idea. You can fill the beach bag with items for the beach such as flip flops, a beach towel, sunglasses, or beach toys.

This will make a great Easter basket if you spend your summers at the beach or wood easter basket plans us the pool. Wood easter basket plans us of using a basket, fold a new beach towel into a bunny shape. Fill the towel with candy, water gear, or new flip wood easter basket plans us. Top it off by adding goggles to the front of the bunny.

If you need to create miniature DIY Easter baskets for a group of kids at church or school, this is a wonderful and cost-effective idea. The tutorial walks you through how to weave pieces of construction paper together to where they form a basket. You can add small toys or pieces of candy for wood easter basket plans us nice Easter surprise.

When I watch someone crochet it brings tears to my eyes. When my mother-in-law was still alive, she was a master of crochet. She could make practically anything. Those items she crocheted mean a great deal to me now. I love this idea! It allows you to skip past the unnecessary items we usually feel obligated to purchase and head straight to what the kids like.

Instead of buying an Easter basket, use the boxes of candy to create a basket. Once you have a basket, add some faux grass, and even more candy.

The kids in your life will be happy! If you have any apple wood easter basket plans us hanging around your house, put them to good use. You can follow this tutorial and make it into an adorable bunny Easter basket. One way to utilize it is to make this festive and pretty Easter basket.

It seems easy enough to make. A balloon is blown up and wrapped in yarn. From there, spray it with spray starch and the balloon easster be popped once the yarn holds its shape. Instead, upcycle the basket into a new creation. If you have a child in your life who loves unicorns, use this picture as inspiration to transform any old basket into a gorgeous unicorn.

Vasket is only a picture, but it seems straightforward to create a replica. Use a cheap clothes basket and a pool noodle to make the shape of an Easter basket. Fill the inside of the basket with faux grass, and paper mache the outside to make a festive design. It would wood easter basket plans us a beautiful decoration. If you can buy a festive Easter bucket, you can customize it easily with this tutorial.

They give you a bunny silhouette you can print off and paste on the bucket. Once finished, add a cottontail, and no one else will have a bucket like your child. You can usually find a basic lattice basket for little money at most wood easter basket plans us box stores or bargain stores.

Once you wood easter basket plans us the basket, you only need a few pieces plasn felt and a glue gun. The tutorial walks you through how to make felt flowers and how to attach the flowers to the basket. Your basket will be unique and beautiful. If you have a variety of fabric scraps, it could be the perfect combination to make a gorgeous and cost-effective Easter basket.

This tutorial walks you through the entire process of putting the scraps together to make a basket. It can be filled with delicious goodies and be a keepsake for years to come. I can come up with cute ideas, but if I have to work hard to execute wood easter basket plans us, they usually end up looking like a kindergartener created them. This idea is one that requires no sewing. Therefore, it should be easy to create a cute DIY Easter basket without all of the fuss.

These mini cups are another great idea if you must make quite a few DIY Easter baskets, and am working on a budget. Instead of exster many smaller baskets from the discount store, use this tutorial. Do you have someone in your life who loves all things ballerina and tutus? You should consider making them this basket. The tutorial shows you how easy the whole creative process is. If you have the time and would like to save some money too, consider this option.

Ana White gives you all the steps in the process you need. She also provides plans to make the build easier. I love it when people share ideas for simple mini baskets. They are invaluable to school teachers, Sunday school teachers, woid, and wood easter basket plans us other leader of a group that must produce 10 or more festive items each holiday season. These small baskets are easy to build, very cost-effective, and cute. I love it when you can take a part in a gift and make it into the package itself!

This is an excellent idea for an Easter basket. When spring rolls around, kids may need new rain boots. Instead of putting the boots in something, use the boots as the basket. This is a great idea for those who like to keep Easter baskets simple or those who give out quite a few Easter baskets each year. You can skip the basket altogether. Instead, use brown paper bags and this tutorial to make festive and adorable bunny bags!

Our handmade wooden Easter basket is our original design and is copyrighted. This is not a toy, but rather a keepsake for your child or grandchild to use and enjoy for many years. It is the perfect basket for your baby’s first Easter and for older siblings. Full size woodcraft patterns and supplies. Easter Wagon Woodcrafting Pattern: The Easter Bunny has his wagon loaded with Chicks and Eggs for the Holiday season. Furniture Wood Plans: Child & Toy Projects: Layered Animal Plans: Patio Paver Pals: Scroll Saw Designs: Indoor Decor Patterns: He Died for Us Lifesize Wood Pattern» Small Easter Basket Woodcraft Pattern».

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