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Decorative gable vents are designed to be non-functional, surface-mounted vents. The smooth finish Cedar or Pine is milled to perfection in our state-of-the-art wood shop. The smooth finish vents are also the perfect option if you plan on painting them. The rough-sawn finish offers a natural rustic look. The rough sawn vents are timeless. Woodwork How To Build Wood Gable Vents PDF Plans. March Saved by melora Lustig. 6. Gable Vents Roof Vents Shed Plans House Plans Attic Vents Dream House Exterior House Exteriors Craftsman Exterior Roof Detail. More information People also Custom Woodworking Plans Free Zoom love these ideas Pinterest. Today. Sep 16,  · How to Build Decorative Gable Attic Vents. When I purchased the Saving Etta house (a Triple-A construction house built in ), I fell in love with the decorative gable attic vent shape at first sight. The little diamonds decorating each gable had my heart skipping a beat, even if she really needed a full gut job and renovation.

Apr 01,  · Measure the space where you want to install the gable louver vent to pick the best size and shape. Step 2 - Draw a Plan for Cutting the Lumber or PVC for the Vent Your building plan for the louver vent must include the following: vent box walls 3/4-inch wide by /4 inches deep; face trim attached to the vent box, /4 inches deep; and two Total Time: 8 hrs. Increased air flow verses wood or vinyl gable vents. Woodpeckers DO NOT LIKE THEM! All of our products have insect screens on the back. Also all products shipped to California meet the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Codes and Standards. Calculating Roof Pitch: The roof pitch is the number of inches the roof rises vertically (the rise) for every. Wood gable vents made of Cedar, Cypress or Pine. PVC gable vents. Foundation and crawlspace vents. Access Doors. Cedar wood Shutters. Whether you are venting an attic or a crawl space you want a product that will stand the elements and at the same time add beauty to your home or building.

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