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Share It. Virtually any company that uses a forklift also has a need for pallets, which are the wooden platforms that provide a solid, stackable base for loads of manufactuuring. This is not applicable for the blue collar workers but mandatory for thewhite collared wood manufacturing business plan document and for the sales assistants and the cashiers. You should be aware that this wood manufacturing business plan document of business involves different components just to create a certain product. When every partners want to documentt the business and if government will find any unethical work on the business then the business will closed.

Peach wood chips supply Firewood request to Wales EPAL inquiry Italian company requires white wood pellets Looking to buy firewood to Portugal CDRO regular purchase Purchasing Wood Pellets to South of Portugal Importing Wood Briquettes Pellets from the manufacturer FSC certificated wood pelletf from US producer Peach tree wood chips offer Purchase of coal briquettes Sunflower pellets required to Estonia Offer for oak pellets 6 mm.

Success reaching factors: Constant growth of the market wood pellets , excess of demand over supply; Team of professionals, which is able to develop the project; Constant growth of prices on the utilities will make consumers turn to alternative cheaper and ecologically clean fuels; High profitability of the product low costs of the raw material and labor force.

Current goal: The search of the investor partner for establishing a joint venture The degree of project preparation for establishing a joint venture wood pellets production 1.

A detailed business plan has been worked out, including supplement: The source of raw materials has been studied and covered profoundly. The necessary raw material calculations are done and agreements on the raw material saw dust supply are reached; the availability of rented production site directly in the forestry raw material supplier ; calculations of approximate the prices on construction materials grow constantly estimation of repairs and production building preparations for the equipment installations; 2.

Marketing research on the basic countries consumers and producers of wood pellets in Europe is done. Its data is partially given in the business plan. The base of potential buyers of wood pellets European countries: Poland, Germany and Ukraine is compiled and it is being constantly widened. We had a preliminary talk with potential buyers of ready product on the subject: supply terms, quality and the set product wood pellets price, samples of contracts are considered.

We have preliminary agreements on fast realization of the project and obtaining licences on wood pellets production installation, production and product standardization. We have found a contractor on the repairs and preparation of the facilities and jointly conformed the preliminary estimate. There have been worked out logistic schemes of the raw material deliveries to the plant and the product deliveries to buyers.

Akhterand Hatil furniture are the market leader and we are the follower because weare new in this market. But to stay in market we use our quality to attract ourconsumers. Competitors profile: Our competitors profile are given below- 1.

Hatil Complex Ltd. Hatil has been established in following the footsteps of H. Timber Industries Ltd. Strengths: Good marketing, strong advertising budget, relationships with distributors, strong direct sales. Weaknesses: The product is more standardized, and of lesser quality, with less sense of design and materials and workmanship. Akhtar Furnishers Ltd AFL has been committed to the ideal of creating furniture of such impofessionals who sell and deliver it.

Today, every employee feels it is a brand created by them, and each of us is dedicated to earning your confidence and building on this tradition of excellence. Strengths: Financial backing, product quality.

Weaknesses: AFL has not seemed to understand our niche, where to find the buyers, how to market as a specialty niche instead of the more traditional furniture channels. Other competitors are Ahmed furnishers, anarkoli furnitures, antarafarnishers, anupam furniture, asha furnitures, aver green furniture etc 21 Page Overall Marketing StrategyWe focus on a special kind of customer, the person who wants very highquality office furniture customized to work beautifully with moderntechnology including personal computers, scanners, internet connections, andother high-tech items.

Our customer might be in larger corporations, small ormedium business, or in a home office with or without a home-office business. What is important to the customer is elegance, fine workmanship, ease of use,ergonomics, and practicality. Our marketing strategy assumes that we need to go into specialty channels toaddress our target customers needs.

The tie-in with the high-end qualitycatalogs like Sharper Image is perfect, because these catalogs cater to our kindof customers. We position as the highest quality, offering status and prestigelevels of purchase. The product strategy is also based on quality, in this case the intersection oftechnical understanding with very high quality woodworking andprofessional materials, and workmanship.

Our most important competitive edge is our assembly strategy, which is basedon interlocking wood pieces of such high quality that assembly is not only apleasure for our customers; it is actually a feature that enhances the sense ofquality.

We will take premium price to our customerother than our competitors. Thus we will try to maximize our product. Pacific Furniture sets mainobjective to provide quality products that satisfy the customer need and theirrequirement. So Pacific Furniture will deliver the quality product. So we believe the customers will be loyal to our brandand build long term relationships. The objective of PacificFurniture is to create awareness in our customer about our new product.

Pacific Furniture also tells their customer that they provide pure woodenfurniture to their customers. Page PositioningPacific Furniture handcrafts furniture from selected and custom designs. Bydoing custom design work, we have the ability to meet any specialrequirements of customers be it design, wood, color or type of construction.

Our personalized service provides our customers with their own personalspecialist. We also keep a photo inventory for insurance purposes as a part of ourcustomer service. Many of our customers have returned to a smallercommunity and have purchased expensive homes and wish to furnish themwith exquisite furnishings which they can pass on to their children, familyand friends. They have a higher education background and are employed bylarge companies.

They use the internet frequently and appreciate theconvenience of having access to shopping and personal records online. We plan to beat this competition by offering morevariety and having a personal service. Our other competition is from chainstores, some of which we plan to supply as a wholesaler. And for that we will buy it from our local wood seller who are sale wood locally. Strike: The workers will strike from their work. On that time we will take an emergency action to cool down them and back them to work.

Advertisement problem: Some time we will face Advertisement problem and for that problem our Marketing will slow down. On that time we will make some campaign for recover that risk. Poor management: Poor management also a risk for our business. If we see that we have poor management then we will recover it and increase our management strength. Natural disaster: For uncertainty of Natural disaster we stock some wood for our future production and recover this type risk.

PricingOur products prices are given below by categorically:- 1. Bed sheds: Single Bed sheds tk Semi double bed sheds tk Double bed sheds tk 2. Almira : Small Medium 25 Big Page Sofa: Single Long Set 4. Dining table: Table with 4 chares Table with 6 chares 5. Dressing table: Small Medium Large DistributionIn the next five year we want to increase our sell Wehave to evaluate their capacity and then try to sell our product in theirdistribution network more frequently. We are new in this market but still we have already covered Dhaka and someother districts by our strong distribution network.

We have divided Dhaka andother districts into some operational zones and each zone has its separatedistributor. Beside this we are trying to cover all the districts and some of the majorThanas by appointing new distributors. Following is the flowchart of our distribution network: Factory Super Shops Distributors Final consumer Final consumerA distribution strategy defines how you are going to move products from pointof creation to points of consumption, in a cost-effective manner.

Theeffectiveness of distribution coverage and practice is of paramount importancein achieving the desired furniture sales.

The advantage of this location are given below- o Raw materials: We collect our raw materials like wood from various areas for the easy accessibility and less barriers. The transport facility is good for truck and Lorries. The areas are- Sundarban Khagrachari Chittagong Bandorban o Place of Factory establishment: Our factory will locate in Gazipur because there have easy and low cost labor accommodation, easy transportation to Dhaka and easy transportation of raw materials from Sundarban.

And for that reason we will locate our factory to Gazipur. And for that reason we locate our factory for easy transport of our finish goods. And we can expand our factory to other area like Narayangonj, Savar etc. Advertising and promotionPacific Furniture will use different sources to communicate their targetmarketing. We will use those sources on that the more customer attract likeLocal Cable, Newspapers, Billboard and when they lunch any scheme inFurniture they use pamphlets to aware their customer.

Pacific Furniture willuse the channel to attract the customer and give fully information aboutFurniture through these Electronic media. As our target consumers are middleand old age people, for this reason we promotion our product to give advertisein television, radio. We also use vehicle writing method and posturing for ourproduct advertisement.

This are- 1. Internet 2. Television 3. Radio 4. NewspaperInternet:We use internet based advertising like Facebook, Prothom-alo. In facebook and other dailynewspapers website there have so much visitor every day. And the totalamount of visitor from those website is more than 10,00, visitor every day. And this the most effective advertising plot for us. Television:Television is also a most popular media item. Every people of our country useit for entertainment. We useChannel I and Ekushey television for our advertising.

Many people of ourcountry use it for audio entertainment. And for that reason we use most popular newspapers for ouradvertising. The newspapers are Prothomalo. Sales promotionOffering free samples:To promote our product we give free samples to our customers to understandour product quality.

CouponsCoupons are also given to our consumers when they are come to buy ourproduct. By that coupon a customer can win an exclusive prize. And for thatcustomer will increase. Discount on sale:We give some discount on our sale for getting more customer easily. Publicity:Product launches:On the time of product launches we arrange a meeting or function for ourproduct publicity. By this type action product publicity is increased verymuch. We arrange some special events including community involvement with name of our brand.

And also for that our popularity will increase. By writing articles on newspapers or magazines we can increase our publicity. By sponsor on local festival fair we can gain publicity. We can also increase publicity by attend on business fair. Company website:By our company website every one can know with us and our products.

Andthey also can buy products from there. SourcingWe work with three wood suppliers, all local. CTG WoodenComplex supplies most of our oak and a bit of cherry and some otherspecialty woods. CTG Wooden Complex has been in business for as long aswe have, and has given us good service and good prices.

This is a good, stablesupplier. Golden aero wooden manufacturing is a good second source,particularly for cherry and specialty woods. Weve used Dhaka wood forfilling in when either of our main two suppliers were short. We also workwith a number of specialty manufacturers for furniture fittings, draweraccessories, glass, shelving accessories, and related purchases.

Although wearent a major player compared to the major furniture manufacturers, we areone of the biggest buyers of the custom materials we need. Product life cycle strategy 33 Page Introduction:The product life cycle is based use to interpret product and market dynamics. At the introduction stage we launch our product, Furniture.

For this reason we need to spend more for our productpromotion. For beginning a new business our cost per product will be high. Soour prices will also being high. For this reason first year our profit will be lowor we will face loss. Growth: Pacific furniture is serve furniture product but in the growth stagewe think our seals will increase than the introduction stage.

For our strongmarketing strategy people will know about product rapidly and our sales willincrease. Here our product market is growing, our sales are high, and ourcompetition is on moderate. To compete with our competitors we have todecrease our cost how much we can. At the growth stage our profit willincrease day by day. Because in this stage we can decrease all cost of ourproduct.

We will expenses more money in advertising and promotion of ourproduct and give much importance in these two sectors. So that morecustomers will be attract to our product.

As our product will move towardmaturity stage, the number of competitors will increase day by day. Then itwill be challenge for us to stay in the market. In this stage we can createawareness about our product. For this reason we will be able to maximize ourproduct share.

Maturity: In the maturity stage our product will reach top most level of sales. At this time our production cost per unit will be low. Number competitors willbe falling in this stage. A manufacturing business plan is a written document that contains the business goals of a manufacturing company. It lays out plans to achieve these goals within a specified time frame and also includes market analysis, strategy, and much more.

What are the Components of a Manufacturing Business Plan? What is the Purpose of a Manufacturing Business Plan?

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