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Thanks for the upload! Best Fence Pro Assembly Instructions. Moving Best Fence Pro on Stairs. WoodWorkers Guild of America Setup. Workshop Addict Review Pt 1. Best Fence Crown Molding Stop.

Can use as many or as few as you want and mount them any distance out the fence you want. My Account. Facebook Instagram. Click the image to see how the Best Fence Version 6 will be Kreg Miter Saw Fence Parts 90 when you place your order today! SKU: -. Add to Cart Notify Me. Best Fence Pro Overview. Best Fence Shipping Information. Best Fence Pro Break Down. Moving Best Fence Pro on Stairs. Best Fence Flat Update. Best Fence Flat Fence Intro. Removing The Saw.

Reduce Best Fence Footprint. Custom Mounting Instructions. Tape Measure installation. Tape Measure Calibration. Base Piece Upgrade. Stop Upgrades. Pro Bracket Upgrade. Crown Molding Stop Upgrade. With 8ft Fence. Mag Power Strip Mount. Male to Male Connectors. Lumber Support. Track Bag. Metal Cutting Station. Stop Struggling! With Magnum Shears. Cutting Heavy Duty Metal. Miter Cut Trick. Cutting Crown Molding. Custom Trash Can. Lean Chop Saw Station. WoodWorkers Guild of America Setup.

Like Harley Davidson? Best Fence Tool Envy. Workshop Addict Review Pt 1. This fence sits on the saw and creates a zero-clearance slot for your blade. There are many worthwhile reasons for adding a sacrificial fence to your miter saw. Now you can see why you need a fence, how can you make one? Can u please send a drawing how to build a fence on each side of my mitre saw model on to my heavy duty dewalt stand please.

Great job. Is that a clamp, is that what the slides are for? VEry cool idea. Putting it on a shelf attached to the back would really save a lot of trouble for me. So what exactly does it do to increase accuracy for degree cuts if my miter saw already locks in place for just that purpose? Just wondering. Absolutely brilliant.

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