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Amazon Payment Products. You have to check the capacity of the compound miter saw that you ,iter to buy. Pros It has an attractive and compact design. Customer Review. This tool uses a back and forth motion of the blade to cut through materials in no metap. The majority of them have 10 inches wood miter saw for metal 800 the inch blades. Like it is in the case of wood planerscompound miter saws also produce so much dust that you should collect to keep your working area clean.

Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Super Buy Price! Quantity discounts available. Quantity Price. Item 2. UPC Code. Pick Up. Would you like to be notified when this item is back in stock? Details Back. To successfully cut ferrous-metal, a ferrous-metal cutting blade would be required. When it comes to things like rebar, steel roofing and steel angle iron which are ferrous-metal building materials, you need to use the appropriate metal-cutting blades and discs that are specifically labeled for cutting ferrous metal materials.

However, the majority of DIYers will presumably be exposed to more nonferrous materials such as aluminum and copper throughout their endeavors. Nonferrous metal materials are not as dense as ferrous metal materials and are usually easier to cut as they are less resilient. The miter saw, or, as more commonly used today, the compound miter saw, is known primarily as a woodcutter.

Its applications can include anything from trim jobs to molding remodeling, to making picture frames, and cutting house studs. But, this type of saw can also be used to cut through softer metal or piping. Although keep in mind, your out of the box base model miter saw likely only came with blades applicable to cut through wood, not metal.

With a standard miter saw, the two most common cuts are straight and angled. The angle you can get will always be up to 45 degrees, in relation to the fence of the saw. Once the compound miter saw is introduced, a new type of cut becomes available — the beveled cut. This cut is made at an angle towards the work surface.

All these types of cuts combined make the compound miter saw a very versatile power tool to have on the job site and in your home workshop. Contrary to popular belief, and despite what you may see in some product descriptions, chop saw and miter saw are not interchangeable terms.

First of all, chop saws only do one thing — cut straight down, while miter saws can do a whole range of angled cuts. The type of blades used is entirely different too.

Chop saws are almost always used with abrasive wheel disks, unlike miter saws, which always use circular blades with various TPIs. You can consider it the most vital component of a miter saw, with the blade, and the miter lever coming in second and third place.

The majority of miter saws will have power ratings of up to 15 amps, although anything equal to 10 amps or above should be enough for most DIY furniture jobs, artwork projects, home remodeling and repair jobs , and so on.

While using a miter saw to cut wood is a walk in the park, when it comes to cutting steel or metal, it's not just a matter of power, but also the blade in which you'll be using. You may not always need an industrial miter saw to cut through metal. There are three big differences between woodcutting blades and metal cutting blades, especially when it comes to those used by miter saws. Secondly, the tooth count should be high, so look for blades with a high TPI or teeth per Woodworking Miter Saw Stand Plans Zip Code inch value.

Close to is usually the best way to go if you want cleaner and safer cuts. Ideally, you would want composite metal blades if you plan on cutting through metal. They have less chance of heating up on the first few cuts and will also be less prone to bending and chipping.

Stainless steel cutting blades are common, but they are pale in comparison to their composite counterparts in terms of efficiency and durability. Another type of blade that can be used is a carbide tip blade. This is known as a coated blade, and it can significantly reduce the number of sparks flying from the friction.

To understand this, you have to understand why a low TPI value is helpful when cutting wood. The way this works is that fewer blade teeth equal deeper gullets between them. This helps them make short work of wood and actually reduces the cutting time, thus also eliminating overheating. Now, remember the speed aspect of miter saws vs dedicated metal saws? More teeth equal slower cutting times. This is a good thing for miter saws since they need to be slowed down a bit in order to perform good enough on steel or aluminum.

By having more teeth on a miter saw blade, the cutting speed will be lowered. At the same time, this will result in less friction, fewer sparks, less overheating, and a cleaner cut. The low tooth profile is also important as it can help reduce the chance of snags when cutting thicker metal bars or pipes. But can it be done? Therefore, it would be somewhat wrong to say that your regular compound miter saw is the same as a multi-purpose table or band saw with a miter head option.

You have probably heard of miter cuts and bevel cuts, but what are these, and what type of miter saw should you be using to make these cuts? Yes, there are many kinds of miter saws out there, and you may have heard the various terms describing different miter saws, such as the compound miter saw, compound sliding, and dual….

Its double bevel angle can reach zero to forty-five degrees in its directions. It provides accurate results, no matter the location or material.

It comes with several electronics like the double laser guides, fences, scales, and micro bevel adjustments and lots of intelligent attributes to provide the best and accurate cut.

It also comes with a handle at the center for ambidextrous cutting and a two-stage trigger that avoids triggering accidentally while its rotating knob utilizes a pinion and rack technology to balance the head, which means that the moment you set an angle, it remains that way anyway.

The piece of equipment also comes with a depth stop and an LED light. If your exercises include large materials, then this equipment is the best for you and can absolutely perform better in that area. It can cut in a fast manner, and then your thoughts should be on this equipment. It consists of horizontal, vertical, and nested crown cuts, which means that it can perform an excellent job and also has a fence that can let the user cut at a ninety-degree angle.

It comes with a metallic look with excellent attributes and safety tactics for users while performing the cutting exercises. It also has a safety lock just in case if things go wrong while cutting, and the blade comes with a top-notch grade laser. It makes the cuts more accurately and smoothly and maintains its quality. The saw has a swivel arm that lets the saw cut in different variations, which includes forty-five-degree angles from its sides. It provides precise and excellent cuts on different types of materials, which means you can work on a large and small exercise with this piece of equipment.

It is light in weight, portable, and has different abilities to cut, which makes it an excellent tool and ideal for woodworkers. Because you can slide the blade assembly as well as make large cuts easily.

The saw also comes with more power and refinement to help make woodworkers jobs more comfortable and make them work smartly. The piece of equipment comes with two side handles for convenience while moving the tool from one location to another. It also comes with a cordless design, which makes the saw a perfect choice for woodworkers. It is lightweight and compact and has a stainless steel build with a base for stability on the surface that you work on, and that makes the tool perfect for your cutting exercises.

It is one of the best tools you will find on the market. The compound saw can cut faster, cleanly, and precisely through the wood, steel, and so on, as well as nails with one blade without any difficulties. It also comes with an in-line handle that you can use for ambidextrous purposes and also a precise laser system with a long-lasting casing. You can also purchase different types of blade that can turn the tool to a tile cutter for more accurate cutting apps. The piece of equipment also comes with a 3-year warranty and an excellent piece of tool for cutting exercises.

It comes with a finely adjust angle and detent override, which displays an accurate angle on a material. The attribute definitely makes cutting exercises very easy to perform and provides precise cuts, even when you want to cut at odd angles.

The angle fine adjust consists of a self-zeroing feature that functions on every range of angles. The piece of equipment also comes with a amp motor, which in turn offers a top-quality performance power.

Before you buy any sliding compound miter saw, there are few things that you should be aware of that will help you make the right selection for your project. Because you will find lots of saws on the market, below are factors you should know before making your choice.

Common blades come in different sizes from 8. Although that size can be heavy and difficult to use for newbies, so if you are a beginner, you should consider a small blade size. Moreover, you should know that a inch blade is perfect for executing lots of woodworking exercises like cutting trim or creating picture frames. Another importance of a small blade is that it gives beginners the ability to make accurate cuts. You can select a small model with adequate power, which will be much better for tough exercises.

Based on how you intend to utilize the blades, make sure that the miter saw gives room for changing the blade easily. There are some versions of the sliding compound miter saw that has one easy step while the rest can be difficult. Few sliding compound miter saws has a laser guide attribute that aligns the blade whenever it wants to cut.

You also should learn that the single guides display only the beginning of the cut while the dual guides display a bracket to represent the full width of the cut. You should select a sliding compound miter saw with a comfortable handle that you can hold easily and maneuver anyhow. You should perform a few tests on the miter saw handles before you purchase any of them.

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