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This is how I built a multi purpose dog kennel that doubles as a console table. This kennel not only looks great but doubles as a media table or sofa table. Best Large Outdoor Dog Kennel: BMS Large Dog Kennel. Best Kennel and Run: K9 Kennel Store 8’ X 16’ Welded Wire Ultimate Dog Kennel System. Who Should Buy an Outdoor Dog Kennel. Important Features to Consider. Frequently Asked Questions. The 5 Top-Rated Best Outdoor Dog Kennels. Editor’s Picks. Brand.  Outdoor kennels are a great option if you plan on leaving your dog unsupervised for a short while. While they’re not meant to house your dog for long periods of time, they are a perfect option to keep your dog contained a few hours each day. Many owners of dogs who display destructive behaviors in the home opt to place their pets in an outdoor kennel when they go to work each day. Just explore these 15 free DIY dog kennel plans that comes with step by step detailed instructions, materials and cut list to build a dog kennel at no cost. DIY dog kennel is not as complex as a project as it sounds. You need the basic hardware equipment and wood a material to compile a kennel for your dog. You can embellish the kennel with extra stuff, as per your pocket and aesthetics. After all, a piece inside the home should match your interior decor. If you have a drill, saw, nails, and wood, you are good to go. Otherwise, you can buy this equipment from the nearest place and start over t.

There are an astonishing array of crates on the market, but some owners still have trouble finding one that fits the bill. You may, for example, have trouble finding one that is large enough for your plus-size pooch, or you may simply want to avoid the wire-and-plastic aesthetic in lieu of something more tasteful. This wooden design from My Outdoor Plans is fantastic for owners who want to make a simple and easy, yet attractive, wood dog crate from scratch.

Difficulty Level : Easy. Tools Required :. Materials Required :. Accordingly, it may help you figure out any tricky parts during the construction process. If you would like to build a quick-and-easy dog crate and you care more about function than form, check out these wire dog crate plans from Cuteness. But, for those who choose to tackle this project, the final results are rather spectacular. You can find similar furniture-style dog crates for purchase here. Difficulty Level : Very hard.

Repurposing old furniture is a great way to give your dog a snazzy crate. These plans for a dog crib crate from My Repurposed Life wood outdoor dog kennel plans great looking and fully functional — it should work just like a regular dog crate.

Difficulty Level : Hard. This allows you to convert a boring old wire dog crate into an attractive piece of furniture. Difficulty Level : Easy to Medium. If necessary, you can learn the basics of using a Kreg Jig in the video below. Many of the projects on this list will require you wood outdoor dog kennel plans use one, and they can be intimidating to wood-working novices.

End table kennels are a great way to use one space for two different things, making them great for apartment dwellers and others living in cramped quarters. We picked a relatively big and robust set of plans from Ana Whitewhich should allow you to build a kennel big enough for a lab- or pit-bull-sized dog. Hopefully, this will help you get through the project easier. This set of plans from Adorable Home is really more of a cubby or bed than a true crate, as it lacks a proper door.

However, this thoroughly modern design will look great in many homes and give your pup a comfy and Free Outdoor Christmas Decorations Woodworking Plans Guide hip place to chill. This may require you to purchase wood outdoor dog kennel plans plywood, which would increase the cost of the project and make the finished product much heavier.

Crate size recommendations vary a bit, but most authorities recommend that you provide your dog with just enough room to lay comfortably, stand up and turn around. Then, have your dog sit and measure the distance between the floor and wood outdoor dog kennel plans tippy wood outdoor dog kennel plans of his ears. Add 2 to 4 inches to this wood outdoor dog kennel plans to obtain the appropriate height.

The width of the crate is correlated with the length. You can check out this chart from the Association of Professional Dog Trainers to see a few common sizes. For example, most inch-long crates are between 18 and 24 inches wide. Similarly, most inch-long crates are 24 to 32 inches wide. Wood outdoor dog kennel plans crates, measuring 42 to 48 inches in length, are generally around 30 to 36 inches wide.

Proper preparation can mean all of the difference between a successful project and one that fails to come together. Go ahead and make the crate 6 inches wider or make the slats 2 inches farther apart, if need be.

Just be sure to tweak all of the affected design components when doing so. This is an old and oft-repeated bit wood outdoor dog Woodworking Plans Outdoor Table Zip kennel plans advice, but DIY novices should be sure to take the tip to heart. Failing to measure carefully will generally result in a ruined board and necessitate another trip to the hardware store.

Although this mantra is usually mentioned in reference to cutting wood, it applies to all materials. To avoid serious headaches after completing the crate, make sure you think about the place you intend to put it. You may, for example, need to make the crate a bit wood outdoor dog kennel plans to fit it into a nook in your kitchen, or you may need to reverse or reposition the door so that it opens in a sensible way for the location.

Have you ever built a crate for your dog? Ben is the senior content editor for K9 of Mine and has spent most of his adult life working as a wildlife educator and animal-care professional. I am thinking of making my own dog crate. Then sell it to make some money. If we wanted to convert a entertainment center or a old chest of draw, what would be the dimensions we should be looking for to make it large enough for our two dogs?

Hey, Chris. It can be tricky to decide the ideal dimensions for a two-dog crate. Best of luck! I love these!

I think I will be trying to do one of the furniture style crates when I do. End Table Kennel from Ana-White. Looking for more DIY dog crafts? Like it? Share it! Written by Ben Team Ben is the senior content editor for K9 of Mine and has spent most of his adult life working as a wildlife educator and animal-care professional. Join our pup pack! Get tons of great dog training advice and tips about gear!

Thank you! You have successfully joined our pup pack. Post comment Cancel. Kelsey Campbell Greenberg October 9, Chris Berry October 1, Ben Team October 2, Jay July 30, Thanks for sharing! Ben Team July 30, Glad you liked the article, Jay! Be sure to send us photos when you make one of your own!

Jun 19,  · Outfit your outdoor kennel with the proper flooring and drainage, a shady area and a windbreak. Pick up all the materials at your local home center. Dog Kennel Plans Step 2: Choose dog kennel fencing materials. For walls and doors, chain link fencing is your best bet (4 ft. tall minimum, and taller if you have a larger dog). Design your own dog kennels or check out our gallery for designer dog kennels. Cart 0. Oversized Single kennel, Weathered Wood, Open front. View fullsize. Barn Doors, Panel front. View fullsize. Distressed Peacock, Double Large, Drawers, Barn Doors. Aug 20, - This is a new kennel for I made for my dog because she grew a bit larger than we were expecting. It was easier to make a new one than modify her original kennel. Pallet Dog House Dog House Plans Dyi Dog House Pallet Dog Beds Dog House From Pallets Homemade Dog House Build A Dog House Dog Yard Dog Rooms.

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