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Create with confidence with DIY project ideas and free woodworking plans. Build furniture and other projects with ease, our step by step instructions will show you how. I have drawn plans for many of the woodworking projects on this website. Each of these plans has an accompanying article showing the actual construction of the project. Most of these woodworking plans were drawn in Sketchup, a free 3D CAD program. For most plans, the SketchUp model is included, so you can check out different views of the projects and parts. Free plans  A jig using a screw-advance to precisely space cuts in wood for making box and finger joints on the table saw. Up to eight boards can be cut at once. Screw advance box joint jig. Learn how to build a DIY folding lap desk plans out of a single 8-foot board! Free step by step and 3D diagrams plans by Jen Woodhouse.  Drill 3/4-inch pocket holes into the stretchers and attach them to the legs with 1 1/4-inch pocket screws and wood glue. Place the stretchers 2 inches from the bottom. Step 4 – attach the legs.  How long are the connecting bolts you used for folding lap desk. Reply. Reyli says. October 30, at pm. what size are the connecting bolts and caps?? Reply.

DIY wood plans lap desk 3.0 makes life better, amiright?! This folding lap desk is definitely making Woodwork Plans For Desks Uk my life better rightthisverysecond.

It made for a fun blog hop and a challenge that made us all stretch our creative muscles and think outside of the box. Of course, I had to qood in this super fun project, right? Except for weeks and weeks, I racked my brain trying to come up with something to build and for weeks and weeks, I kept coming up empty. So I went back to where I always go when I find myself creatively parched: necessity. What area can I improve? What would make life just a wod more convenient?

Despite my lack of ideas, there are so many awesome things you can build out of a single board. Because I was purchasing just one board for this project, I decided to splurge a little so I picked up a drool-worthy piece of black walnut from a local lumber yard. Please tell me you understand. For the top, I joined two pieces of the board using biscuit joints. The biscuits just help with alignment. To read my full disclosure policy, click here.

So after placing the planss, I glued, clamped, and waited…. This is the biscuit joiner I own. I use this wood glue and these parallel bar clamps. After the glue dried, I attached the aprons to form a tray. Again, I used biscuit joints, but pocket hole joinery would work well here too. Then, I constructed the legs. This is the pocket hole jig I own. Have you dezk ever used this Arm-R-Seal stuff?

I just love how it makes the wood grain come alive. After sanding with, and grit sandpaper, I wiped each coat on with a soft cloth, sanding with grit sandpaper in between each coat. Here is a great finishing technique video. Who am I? Oh my goodness, what in the world?! Just as I did with my West Elm-inspired Butler StandI used these connecting bolts and caps to connect the legs to the top.

I used a forstner bit because I like how clean and precise the cuts are, but a spade bit will work here too. The legs neatly fold in for simple, space-saving storage.

Well, this is embarrassing. I feel like you caught me with my pants down. Please excuse the unfinished underside of this folding desk. But seriously. Deskk you just look at this gorgeous black walnut?! Thank you! You have the best tutorials ever! This little table is so cool, how hand this would be to have…another to do list coming up for me. Drool worthy! I love this project, I need one for my Mac too! Thanks for putting this challenge together Jen it has been wood plans lap desk 3.0 fun!!

Love your wood plans lap desk 3.0 desk Woodworking Plans Murphy Bed Key Jen. What a great idea! I love this Jen! The color is great, but the best part, wood plans lap desk 3.0 board. My kind of project. I have never heard of the Arm-R-Seal, but if it makes a project turn out like this one, I will definitely have to try it out!

For sure! Good to see you again at Haven! Thanks lady! So good to see you again and congratulations on winning that amazing lathe! So well-deserved. I found the exact connecting bolt and cap shown here at hardware section of my local Home Depot. I used 1 washer under the bolt head and another Woodworking Plans For A Desk Video washer between woods.

I think staining prior to attached legs is much easier. I wood plans lap desk 3.0 finished it with the Arm-R-Seal and called it a day. Thanks for the question! I am in love with how your tray turned out, it is just beautiful.

And I can think of quite a few projects around our home where that wood tone would be perfect. Thanks for sharing the Arm-R-Seal tip!

Thanks Jen! Thanks for joining in the fun, Sarah! It was so good to meet and hang out with you at Haven! Love it Jen!!

Totally worth the splurge!! I need to make one wood plans lap desk 3.0 these…more blogging may get done if I can do it from bed…LOL!!! Your email address will not be published. Can't find the plan you're looking for? Desl a New Plan. First, I cut all of my pieces out of the 8-foot board. The cut layout is included in the plans. So after placing the biscuits, I glued, clamped, and waited… This is the biscuit joiner I own.

But probably not. Nothing to see here, folks. Wood plans lap desk 3.0 along, Wood Plans Lap Desk 2020 move along. Pin for later! You May Also Plane Share Pin Tweet Email. Comments You have the wood plans lap desk 3.0 3.0 ever! Hey I was wondering what size connecting bolts you used and if you stain as you go? So classy as always. Wish the hotel had their qood outfitted with your beautiful lap desk!

Thanks Jaime! This is fantastic. Thank you my dear. Yours too. I want to steal your Domino. I love the idea for this series! And this desk is gorgeous also and I want to build one! Thanks Cara! Newer Comments ».

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Jul 17,  · For the top, I joined two pieces of the board using biscuit joints. You may notice the two boards aren’t the same width. I ended up ripping a little bit off one board because I wanted my top to be just 13″ wide, instead of the /2″ width that’s written in the plans. Woodworking Projects and Plans: Desks. Ep 1: Danish Modern Desk with Tim Rousseau – Intro. July 9, Build a Shaker Lap Desk. May 12, Celebrate pen and ink with this quintessential case. Build a Desk in a Drawer. October 1, Add a pull-out desk to any chest of drawers. Build your own office furniture with quality, shop-tested desk plans. Slant-top, executive, computer desks, and more. Its narrow profile and unique blend of wood and paint look great in any room. 1 2 Next Affiliate Link. Since you are an affiliate, you can use this .

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