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This medicine cabinet has 3 apothecary-styled drawers to help contain anything from q-tips to combs! As with all of our plans, you are building at your own risk and you should have a firm understanding of building in general before you attempt many of our plans (some are easy as pie and perfect for beginners).  The Design www.Woodworking Air Cleaner is inspired by but does not replicate exact designs, any similarities between these plans and items sold at specialty retailers is coincidental and not endorsed by or related to any said retailers. // Affiliate links are used for tools and materials. The Design Confidential will earn a small commission for any items purchased using these links. Thank you for your support – every little bit counts! Share. 2 Comments. The medicine cabinet plan below is a wonderful build of a cabinet that includes techniques that you can apply across many future woodworking projects. If you are a beginning woodworker, you will eventually notice that most construction techniques apply across a variety of projects. Cabinet building is probably a skill that translates more than others.  As you can see, this is a nice simple design. I really want to pull the ’s look from this project, so I will probably be capping my cabinet with a simple crown molding to achieve that look. I am also looking to modify this to fit between the existing stud opening. I will do this with a deeper back that steps in to the cavity between my wall studs. Doing this will give me an extra 3″ of storage depth. Medicine cabinets are surprisingly useful bits of furniture. They offer a great storage space that can easily double as a mirror. They protect your medication from the damages of sun and heat. If you’ve ever gone cabinet shopping, you’ll know that medicine cabinets can be pricey, so why not make your own?  Making Woodworking Shop Design Plans Group a medicine cabinet is a relatively easy thing to do, and you can easily match up the project to your skill level. From just a simple, rustic cabinet to more pressing projects, there are plans for every type of medicine cabinet you can imagine. And many woodworkers are more than happy to share their ideas for free if you visit their website. So, do not be afraid to ask. Medicine cabinets are a great way to add extra storage and a bit of charm to your bathroom.

I will show you that, plus other bathroom configurations. I will also explain how to wall mount it, and how to modify a side if you want to mount it in a corner. Mounting to Walls. Put two mounting screws at the top near the corners, and two at the bottom near the corners. Mounting in Corners. Instead, scribe that edge to make a nice and tight fit. Everything is customized to fit their needs and space. The right medicine cabinet, and right vanity drawer cabinet, are set in the corner and scribed to fit against the right wall.

Fancy tube lights desiyn mounted on each side of the mirror, and the counter top will be granite. To finish it all off, the floor will be tiled up to the vanity base, and the wall will be wood plans medicine cabinet design between the countertop, medicine cabinets, and mirror frame. You see that thing in the middle of the vanity base? Simple and basic. This is a left cabinet setup.

For a right cabinet setup, just mount the hinges on the right side of the cabinet, and the handle on the left side of the door. This is the most common configuration, and often one of the medicine cabinets is set in a corner.

This is how the medicine cabinet is assembled. Click here to see the full PDF. Click here to cancel reply. You thought of everything.

I wish I can see the plans better. You may have fixed the link at one time but now it is broken again. I received this article in my email yesterday and PDF does not wood plans medicine cabinet design. Hi Judson. I am sorry for the issue with this PDF. This has now been fixed. I am sorry for any inconvenience. Hi Cliff. I am sorry to hear you are having trouble accessing the PDF.

Please try hard refreshing the page or using a different browser. Cabiet you are still having trouble accessing the PDF please give our customer service team a call at and dessign will assist you. Hi Daniel. I am sorry there was an issue meicine this PDF. This has now been fixed and you should be able to access the PDF. Hi Wayne. Hi Charles. I am sorry we were having an issue with this PDF. Excellent plan layout — really appreciate the PDF that expands wood plans medicine cabinet design show wood plans medicine cabinet design detail.

Thanks for checking in with us. We do not have any resources for this project other than what is found in this article. Hopefully this article, along with the cabinetmaking resources found on our web site, will arm you with what you need to tackle this project. Please let us know if you have questions. Thanks Paul-Woodworkers Guild of America.

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Dec 25,  · Medicine cabinets typically just fit into the stud cavity and that will probably be ~" (2"x4" studs on 16" centers). I would also cut that 4" depth to ~". Four inches is nominal for this, but if something is a little "off", your medicine chest might be a little "proud" of the wall. Step 1: Cut and Assemble the Cabinet Box Pieces - Determine the desired size of the Medicine Cabinet Select the 3/4"x 6" Oak Material; Cut two pieces @ " x 30"; for the Sides Select the 3/4"x 6" Oak Material; Cut two pieces @ " x "; for the Top and Bottom Panels. Target inspired home decor. With the right plans materials and equipment you can build a wooden medicine cabinet as shown here. Bathroom Wall Cabinet Bathroom Wall Storage Bathroom Wall Storage Cabinets Wall Storage Cabinets The medicine cabinet plan below is a wonderful build of a cabinet that includes techniques that you can apply across many .

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