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Your email address will not be published. Silhouette units wood projects silhouette price manufactured and sold by Silhouette America, Inc. Case in point? Blog by Aimee Weaver. You can download designs or create designs thanks to the versatile software. On the blade carriage, you will see 2 blades that work alternately. They came out great!

Even though the Portrait worked out well because of the compact design, I still look back and wish I had went with the Cameo from the start. Imagine that you want to make a large wooden sign but your machine cannot cut the width or the height that you want. While you can cut out a stencil that is larger than your machine check out the tutorial here for this Hand Lettered Rudolph sign it is a HUGE pain if your machine can only cut something that is 8 inches wide.

This is all relative because it really depends on what you want to make and focus on. I really love using vinyl so I always suggest buying a few sheets to play around with. These are all just products that I use often and I highly recommend. But you do not need all of them to start making projects that bring you joy. Pick and choose what you want to do and go from there! Merry and Bright Reversible Sign Did you know you can cut out a quote on vinyl and use it as a stencil?

I was pleasantly surprised when I realized I could do that and it made labeling items or adding fancy lettering and sayings to different things around the house. The first time I used it for that was on my coffee tray , and it made the entire project so much more fun! Now I use stencils all the time and even wrote a post on how to stop your paint from bleeding through the stencil. You'll be on your way to more professional looking signs in no time.

Just make sure you're using Oramask vinyl. So I may be a little bit obsessed with monograms and mandalas, and I thought it would be so fun to cut out a decal to put on my coffee mug. They came out great!

Using Oracle Vinyl permanent vinyl means that you can hand wash your cups with vinyl decals on them and the vinyl won't come off, I love it! I've seen people make window and car decals, magnets, and so many other things for themselves and others. And with the holiday's coming up it might be a lot of fun to make some themed decals for your kiddos! Or you can make a cute hostess gift, like I did here!

When I first started making signs I made the mistake of using Silhouette brand vinyl bad, bad idea! It's not as sticky and I had a very hard time getting Since then I've used Oracle vinyl because it's permanent and much easier to cut seriously, so much easier!

My favorite was this Buddy the Elf canvas and it came out perfectly! But did you know you can also use heat transfer vinyl on your canvas projects? Stake it out in the yard or fasten to a tree, fence or building. Stake the finished project out in your yard or fasten to a fence or building. Measures 19" Wide by 58" Tall. The finished display measures 34" Wide by 71" tall and can be staked out in your yard or fastened to a tree, fence or building.

He appears to be saying "Howdy" to everyone who passes by. The full-size, one piece pattern requires no matching. The silhouette measures Display in your yard, or on a building. Measures 65" Tall by 31" Wide. Easy to make using plywood, this full size pattern and some black paint.

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