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I have never gotten around to much beyond building a DIY cyclone thing, but I have every intention of getting on it when it gets warmer Mobile Navigation. Wood shop central vacuum systems engineer ad for Shop-vac I suppose. Besides, it has a hose and accessory storage that ensures everything is ever at hand. Tacklife PVC01A is a 3-in-1 shop vac with a design that allows it to pick up dirt, sand, wood chippingsliquid spills, as well as metal shavings.

A, page You could cut the cost of our system in half simply by doing what I do in my shop at home: sharing. It takes about five seconds to pull the flex hose off one machine and hook it up to another.

For example, the 4-in. A could easily be shared with the bandsaw and the lathe. That would eliminate the run to the bandsaw, plus a bunch of expensive flex-hose, blast gates and fittings. In addition, we could have stopped the wall run at the chop saw instead of going all the way to the workbench. Designing a central dust-collection system for a small shop is really straightforward.

Complex calculations involving cubic feet per minute, air velocity and static pressure are important for large industrial systems with long runs to big machines all running at the same time. A small, one-person shop is much simpler. The runs are short our longest run was about 25 ft. The amount of air needed for good dust collection is relatively small. A system needs Wood Shop Central Vacuum Systems Uk to pull about cubic feet per minute cfm at the farthest machine to offer effective dust collection.

You have a central dust-collection system. We built our system in a single stall of a double garage. The ductwork goes along the wall and ceiling and all the tools are on mobile bases. Quick View. Add to Cart. I currently use the Dust Deputy atop a 5 gallon pail before going to my shop vac. I recently bought the HF 2 HP dust collector system. I really like your set-up.

For a hobby wood shop, I wanted to start my shop vac with a remote. I don't do electrical and didn't want to spend a lot of time and money on this. Amazon carries now a lot of outlets with remotes, but my shopvac is 15amps, 6. Comes with 3 separate outlets labeled 1,2,3 and a remote with 3 buttons to operate these outlets individually. Works through walls and other obstructions.

The Harbor Freight link won't paste here. Search for Indoor Wireless Remote System 3pc. Item I found this through a youtube video where the person went to HF and found a Stanley brand equivalent, but I had no luck finding that online or at HF so settled for the house brand.

Anyone on this post have any input regarding DWV vs Schedule 40? Any reason one couldn't use DWV? Reply 5 years ago. Would have used more if shop were bigger, since you only open one at a time. Thanks so much for this. Exactly what I was looking for. While I'm comfortable with electronics, I have some old X10 outlets with a remote. I may just try that for awhile to switch on the vac. Thanks again! The ball valves work well as a vacuum seal, but once in a while they get stiff and hard to close completely.

WD40 loosens them back up. Probably fine dust on the ball is the culprit. How do the costs compare? Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. The 2" PVC pipe and fittings elbows, wyes, couplings, etc. Total cost of a PVC system would be less, and the components are available at any home improvement store. A common complaint of the 2. The 2. I will say that it is kind of neat to be able to see dust moving through the clear 2. In my opinion, it appears that the advantages of PVC stronger, seals better, easier to find parts for, less expensive, available in longer lengths are enough that it makes sense for me to go forward with PVC.

Thank you for writing this instructable! I am in the planning stage of building a basement workshop. I have a few pieces of the clear 2. However, the more I research and think about it, it seems that using 2" PVC would be better and probably less expensive. How well do the ball valves work for dust collection? The commercially available 2. Thank you! Besides, the DWV comes with an automatic filter control system that cleans the filters after every 30 seconds hence ensures continual operation.

One final and fantastic feature of this unit is the provision to connect it to a power tool for automatic on and off dust collection ability. Here is another best shop vac for woodworking, especially if you are looking for one with a large dust chamber capacity.

It is a gallon shop vac that does an excellent job when it comes to cleaning debris. This unit is a 2-in-1 vacuum that cleans through vacuuming as well as blowing the debris. The motor of this shop vac delivers 6. Tacklife PVC01A is a 3-in-1 shop vac with a design that allows it to pick up dirt, sand, wood chippings , liquid spills, as well as metal shavings.

This unit comes with a rear blower port that lets the user blow out any dirt that might not be easy to reach. This shop vac is a wet-dry vacuum with a 5-gallon tank. Besides, it has a hose and accessory storage that ensures everything is ever at hand.

The cleaning range of this unit measures 17 feet. What makes this unit the best shop vac for woodworking is the Buoy technology, which automatically shuts off when you go past the level in the bucket.

This automatic action is excellent for the protection of the motor, ensuring its durability. One outstanding feature of this unit is that it comes with a small portable blower that you can detach from the unit. Considering that you can detach it, you get the flexibility of using this shop vac on other duties other than just a standard shop vac.

Additionally, this model comes with a large gallon tank. Its frame is, however, slender enough to wheel it around obstacles with a lot of ease. Moreso, this model comes with an extra-large drain, something that will prove handy if you ever have to clean up a massive water spill. The motor has a 5 horsepower at its full load, which is extremely powerful. A drawback of this shop vac is the cord, which is only 12 feet long. As much as most people love this machine, it gives them so much flexibility when they use it with an extension cord.

If power and portability interests you, then this is the model to get. I would not advise that you walk into a store and just buy any shop vac. You need to do some research and a comprehensive understanding of the unit before settling for one. Here are some factors that you need to consider in the process. A shop vac with more significant horsepower is the ones with higher suction capacity. As you would expect, the units with higher suction capacity are more expensive.

Therefore, you should choose one depending on your needs other than the prices. In case you are moving with your shop vac from one place to the next, you should go for a machine that has wheels.

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