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DO NOT mount them on your roof tops, that is a very bad idea. I will be happy to help anyone in any I can. Oil pump 1, Oil pump 2, And main power on switch for the Steam plant. Literally, Steam is not something to be wood stove steam generator yoga with. A rocket stove is not a closed vessel and if you try to nozzle the exit, you would effectively stop the flow of the gases.

All rights reserved. Wood powered steam generator. Wood powered steam generator Wood powered distillation 1of 4 Wood powered distillation 2 of 4 Wood powered distillation 3 of 4 Buy the continuous still construction plans, parts and stills: To Download plans and manuals: Wood Powered Steam Generator Youtube Wood powered portable steam generator. Wood powered distillation 1of 4. Wood powered Steam Generators For Wood Bending Formula distillation 2 of 4. He said the ad was placed by an inventor with a steam-powered generator and that it might make a good story for us.

We looked into it and discovered an amazing inventor named Wes Gordon in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has built a steam-powered generator that runs on anything that burns.

Gordon's system consists of a Semple compound steam engine, a Windpower pto-powered generator, a Beckmann Boatshop psi boiler, and an engine-driven PumpTec high-pressure pump. Everything mounts on a single axle trailer.

Waste steam at ?

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