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All FREE!!! Free Dozer Plan from Aschi's Workshop. Climbing Bear. I added a bumper, side step, headlights, and smoke stacks all using CA glue. Aschi has Workshop tips which makes it easy.

Get your Free Plans and Workshop Tips today from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Is Free and you will receive the plans by e-mail in less than 72 hours. Go to Aschi's Web-Page , some are downloads, some you request by clicking. Aschi's Plans get delivered as PDF files by e-mail direct to you.

Usually in less than 72 hours, the plans are in your inbox. Free Toy Plans Print Email The first in a series of tree's and accessories to come.

One of the most versatile plan from Aschi's Workshop is the Plan In Scale it is not to big and easy to build. Get it today from Aschi's Workshop Aschi will send them to you by e-mail and totally FREE.

More about Aschi's Workshop, click here!!! My mind quickly went to absurdity, and landed here. On a wooden toy truck. So i decided to make him my own version of a Monster Truck. Use a bandsaw or jigsaw to cut the template.

Prepare the stock you want to use for the build. For mine, I chose a large chunk of white oak I have Free Woodworking Plans Yard Decorations Uk had sitting in the shop. This is because I knew I could basically get every part i needed out of this piece and the wood color would be matching. But you could use a long piece already planed to your desired thickness, and have no need for re-sawing. Using your template, layout and cut the side panels for the truck.

Cut outside the lines using your bandsaw, being sure to leave some room to sand the piece to final dimensions. Once cut, then shape your two sides on a spindle sander, and then begin cutting the interior parts to your desired width.

Glue up the truck body using CA and regular wood glues. Once dried, sand and shape the truck to the look you want and begin adding details. I added a bumper, side step, headlights, and smoke stacks all using CA glue. If you like these projects, Check out more on my Youtube Channel Here.

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