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On any lathe, it is critical to ensure stability. The wood lathes are made up of cast-iron material. It is affordable enough to be used for residential purposes. Put your name to one before they go! Unleash your creativity and turn your ideas into reality with the help of this amazing wood lathe by Jet.

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CSRF token. Currency change. Customer-specific caching. Individual prices. PayPal payments. Selected shop. Comfort functions. These cookies are used to make the shopping experience even more appealing, for example for the recognition of the visitor. Affiliate program. Track device being used. For a small lathe for penturning or starting out new, you will find a top quality lathe so suit your Close window Stratos series and Vicmarc woodturning lathes and chucks - all the best from Simon Hope.

Close filters items found. Oneway lathe. Compare Remember. These are awesome lathes!!! Put your name to one before they go! If you need a mini wood lathe that can fit into any corner of your workshop perfectly, then RIKON mini wood lathe is an ideal option. Check out the video to get a visual representation of the product:. Though you can complete several projects without a wood lathe, intricate works like turning bowls need a wood lathe.

Apart from that, the device has a large work table, which makes it ideal for small tables, chair legs, and other decorative turnings. Also, it allows the user to choose between five different speeds as per their requirement. The exterior is constructed from cast-iron, which provides minimal vibration, allowing the user a stable environment to work. It has been fitted with a strong motor, which delivers ample energy to cater to all your turning needs. Apart from this, it comes with auto-ejecting tailstock.

Change the speed easily as per your convenience with its tuning dial. Moreover, to avoid vibrating during work, the machine is created using cast iron. Some of the accessories that are included in the package are a tool rest, live center, wrenches, and a knock-out bar. With this amazing wood lathe by Rikon, you can either handle big projects as well as small ones.

Check out the video to get more valuable information:. When it comes to woodturning, inappropriate spindle speed is the greatest enemy. Each of these speeds is created to achieve a specific task. Adjust the speed to carve something that is modern yet effortless.

The cast-iron body ensures that your investment lasts you for a long time. Apart from this, the lathe comes with a bed measuring about 5. Even though the weight of the machine is light, it is just as sturdy and firm to create a secure work environment.

Unleash your creativity and turn your ideas into reality with the help of this amazing wood lathe by Jet. Check out the video if you have any doubts about the product:. Are you planning to get a wood lathe for your home workshop? Considering such needs, Jet has launched a wood lathe that can fit into any corner of your house. The machine comes with a 6-speed pulley lathe that provides variable speed during work.

Changing the position of the belt takes less than 10 seconds. Apart from that, it also offers a sturdy tool rest and smooth sliding. So, turn all your projects into reality by working from the comfort of your home with this wood lathe by Jet. The device also brings 24 integrated positions for indexing to help with your creative designing skills. Keeping the needs of customers in mind, Powermatic brings you a wood lathe that specializes in handling small projects. It flaunts an impressive tailstock that houses an inbuilt option for storage requirements.

The solid design flaunts an efficacy to handle unsteady vibrations and make work seamless. The package includes accessories such as a wrench, spindle lock, guard, faceplate, tool rest, and knockout rod. Not just that, the system provides an RPM digital readout to the user.

For industrial use, a wood lathe needs to be rugged and must be capable of working in rigorous environments. The best part is, it offers ten-speed ranges to choose from as per your need. Also, the package includes a live center, tool rest with swivel arm, 6-inch faceplate, and a spur center. Created from premium quality cast iron, this weighty device eliminates any unnecessary vibration. This powerful and fully-featured wood lathe by Shop Fox will stand up to your expectations even in the toughest working environments.

Check out this video to know more about this product:. Do you handle major wood lathe projects that require heavy-duty usage? The thing that makes this device ideal for your projects is the fact that it houses a digital readout option to check the speed. With a bed extension of Not just that, the bed extension is also made from cast iron to reduce vibration and provide a more stable surface to work.

All your heavy-duty tasks can now be smoothly done by using this sturdy wood lathe by Nova. If you need a wood lathe for a DIY project, it should be user-friendly.

With Shop Fox W, you get access to an easy to use a machine that can craft out different shapes on your wood. Fitted with a powerful and ultra-modern designed motor, the machine delivers maximum stability and power for effective woodturning. Apart from that, the machine also allows quick change of speed. Other included accessories are a faceplate of 3-inch, spur center, and a live center. Check out the video for more features:. Hobbyists who hold interest in carving out different structures from wood need a special wood lathe to turn their imagination into reality.

The device works on a unique VFD or Variable Frequency Drive methodology that converts the single-phase power to the motor for industrial-grade workability.

On any lathe, it is critical to ensure stability. Wooden lathes can be used for creating different items and workpieces. But there is a difference between merely getting a wood lathe and getting one that can fit your requisite frame.

So here are a few things that you need to check out while purchasing a wooden lathe:. When buying a wood lathe, you have to consider two specific capacity measures — the distance between the two centers and the swing.

The first parameter helps you to find the maximum length of stock you can turn on the lathe, whereas the spindle determines the highest diameter you can turn on the lathe. So, depending on your project, check the wood lathe size. A tailstock is basically a pin that is located opposite the headstock and can rotate evenly to hold the spindle towards the center.

The tailstock pin should be such that it can securely lock in its desired position, offering higher levels of versatility to the user to allow all types of woodturning.

A solid and sturdy base is a mandatory requirement of a wood lathe, especially if you wish to produce high quality turned wooden workpieces. When the workpiece is spun on the motor, it produces vibrations that can cause hindrance in the effective turning of the wood and prove out to be risky.

Hence, the bed should ideally be heavy in nature so that the vibrations are considerably reduced down to a lower level while the. If you have to carve out bigger workpieces, then a wood lathe with a large motor can help turn wood effectively, whereas motors with lesser power can go well for small-sized projects. You can also get to buy wooden lathe variants that allow the user to gain control over the speed of the motors.

So, consider the power and RPM that suits your type of project. Tool rests can be considered as a safety component that allows the tool to rest over it. Thus, they must allow you the freedom to adjust to different positions as per the need of the hour to direct the device towards the wood workpiece.

So, consider eyeing on the tool rests that can fit securely to its place. You can also consider buying them in different sizes to expect versatility while cutting spindles and bowls.

A Wood lathe is an essential tool for any woodworking project, but many questions may come across your mind while buying a wood lathe. Here I have listed a few of them for you to get assistance. You can turn a metal lathe to wood, but a wood lathe can never be used for as a metal lathe. The tools for a wood lathe cannot bear the workload for carving metal, and it can ruin your machine if you are going to use a wood lathe for metal carving.

Using a wood lathe can be dangerous for a beginner. However, use protective gear and make sure to hold your tools firmly to avoid any injury while carving wood.

Take good care while handling a roughing gouge as it is an essential part while starting to carve. Check out the video to know how to use the wood lathe:. Sharpening your tool is essential for having an efficient result.

To begin the process, first of all, mark the cutting edge of your tools so that you get an idea of what to do and what not. Woodturning can be hard for beginners, but it is not that hard to use a wood lathe. Just get some experience, and you can turn the wood quickly through your lathe.

It is vital to choose a dry wood before going to turn it. Usually, wood needs to be dried for almost one year before it is put on a wood lathe for carving. Putting a wet or partially dry wood on a lathe can ruin the wood and your tools as well.

I hope that this article has helped you to choose the best wood lathe that can meet your needs efficiently. What makes this wood lathe different from other products is its faceplate, which threads onto the headstock spindle for non-spindle turnings. If you have any queries, feel free to ask. All the best! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Shop now at Amazon. Pros Works on hard and softwood Lightweight for easy transfer between workstations Minimal vibrations and noise. Cons Screws might grind against the knob. Pros Fitted with a safety lock Interchangeable tool rests Tailstock center. Cons No holes for mounting. Watch video: Unboxing and a Demo of a Wen 8x12 Lathe. Pros Cast iron for a strong and durable design 5-year manufacturer warranty Corded-electric variant for glitch-free work. Cons Most of the tool rest might not fit.

Watch video: Delta Midi Lathe - Review. Pros Convenient Sturdy Quill comes with inches and mm readings. Cons Heavy design. Cons QC issues. Pros Tailstock is self-ejecting Durable and versatile Comes with user-friendly accessories.

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