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I researched for the latest and most interesting homebuild aircraft that wood ultralight aircraft plans database been sircraft recently. Legal eagle ultralight, legal eagle ultralight aircraft. Rangkaian Bluetooth Audio Receiver. Please make sure you have the stock when ordering or inquiring on items thank you. J1 B Homebuilt Ultralight Aircraft Plans Plans For U Ultralight videos and plans leonard milholland has created four videos informational wing construction how to construct heads for the engine and engine assembly.

The prototype weighed pounds. There have been many write-ups on Headwinds over the years. I have some of the builders and owners who answer questions about the airplane via email. There have been many different engines installed in the Headwind by builders but I only have drawings for the Volkswagen. Don Stewart. Stewart Aircraft. Search this site. Dave Rigotti's Headwind. David Stroud's Headwind. Foo Fighter Biplane Plans.

Headwind Articles. Headwind Plans and Specs. Some Headwind Photos. Some Headwind Video Weblinks. The The designer of the Headwind, Don Stewart is still selling plans! With this knowledge it became very easy for me to decide i would safe this glider for the man of the street by placing it on the internet.

The BirdGlider comes to you now. Use it to become airborne. Use it to realise your dream of flight Guys, i want to be generous to you. That is why i need to place some rules before you get access to the plans. Rule 1 This is a non-certified, non-tested airplane. Build the BirdGlider using the plans at own risk. If you think i don't trust the BirdGlider, invite me when you finished the BirdGlider, like it is on plans.

I will test-fly the first made glider gladly. Do it after learning about steering, weather, gliding, local aviation rules.

And that will not even prevent you getting hurt. Every pilot knows a pilot who is no longer there, who is disabled or who stopped out of fear or old wounds. I say it again Rule 2 The plans may only be used for personal use only. No commercial use is allowed. Not even selling printed plans. If you see somebody not behaving to this rule, tell me, give me his identity. The person will have to take the consequences of his deeds.

I can be noble, but You are warned. Rule 3 You are not allowed to use the name BirdGlider if you altered the design. If i agree to your changes, you may use the name BirdGlider. But you are still not allowed to commercialise the plans. Rule 5 The plans are only allowed to be published on www. Tell me if you find it anywhere else. Rule 6 You are not allowed to give the plans to other persons. Top grade wood spars are teamed with fiberglass capped Styrofoam ribs to form the Cabinet Design Woodworking Plans light weight, but incredibly strong wing and tail surfaces, which are then covered with ceconite using the time honored dope and fabric method of aircraft covering.

The fuselage boom is a hefty spruce spar reinforced with fiberglass, and plywood sheet. Affectionately dubbed Big Bird by the Weedhopper flight testing team, the all yellow airplane was ruled out of the hangar on a July evening for the first series of flight tests.

After a skitterish high-speed taxi test down the strip, test pilot John Chotia poured the coal to the CC powered craft and rolled a scant 75 feet before lifting off into a perfect sky.

After a few preliminary solo passes for the camera, the Woodhopper was joined by a pair of Weedhoppers for some formation flying. The new airplane, demonstrated an excellent climb rate, so good in fact, that the Weedhoppers were hard-pressed to keep up. After 45 minutes of effortless hands-off flying, John eased the Big Bird into an approach wide.

At 25 mph indicated airspeed and greased her on in a near perfect three point landing with a landing roll of about feet. Light Sport Aircraft Pilot is a directory of aircraft that generally fit into what are described as ultralight aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft, light sport aircraft, experimental light sport aircraft, experimental aircraft, amateur built aircraft, ELSA or homebuilt aircraft in the United States and Canada.

These include weight shift aircraft, more commonly known as trikes, powered parachutes, and powered para-gliders. Further flight tests proved the Woodhopper to be an outstanding performer, with a rate of climb exceeding ft.

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