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These are very solid wheels, and can be used for various projects. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. wopd plans for a great tenon jig are available at on this site. Designed to be used on miniature horse carts, venders carts, and antique carts. For light off-road use, wheel must have oil soaked bronze bushing inserted in bore, wwood spokes hickory wood. Figure 1 14 Inch Wheel with optional hub. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 1.

We can also rebuild your Wagon Wheels or Cannon Wheels. Call or email us to discuss your project. Contact us today! We have built Custom Wheels from 1ft diameter to 11ft diameter! We would love to assist in your restoration project. View Products These wheels are made of solid hickory, with a forge-shrunk steel tire. The hub is one-piece, cast aluminum, which is completely weather resistant and less labor intensive than the wood hub wheels we sell.

These wheels will hold some weight, and are perfect for smaller decorative wagons. Note: An older style is pictured below. The new hubs do not have bolts through them, but all dimensions are the same.

Our new hub design is stronger. Made of Solid Hickory, with a forge-shrunk steel tire, and a one-piece, cast aluminum hub. These wheels will hold a considerable amount of weight, and are perfect as a stand-alone accent, or larger decorative wagons or yard ornaments. The only thing that keeps these wheels from being fully functional is that they lack bearings in the hub.

Adding rubber will increase the wheel size by approximately 2" please allow for the increase when ordering Wagon Wheels. If you add rubber to a 32" wheel, it will be 34" after the rubber. Sarven Hubs. The Sarven Hub Wheel became very popular from aroung with carriage makers in America and is still in use today. The Sarven Hub Wheel has a wood hub core, reinforced with iron flanges which gives the hub greater strength than the conventional wooden hub.

We build our hubs from select Ash. Weight limit on wood hubs depends on the size of the wagon wheels and hubs.. We can also custom build any size wood hub to meet your project needs, up to pounds.

Wood Hubs. Wagon Wheel Wood Hub, medium duty and heavy duty for an original wooden wagon wheel look and light to heavy use. Wood hubs can be used with a boxing, bearings or oil soaked brass inserts. We offer a large selection of wood hubs in all sizes. Medium Duty Steel Hubs. When used with bearings, the hub and wheel can be used for medium to light heavy duty and on-road use.

Heavy Duty Steel Hubs. Sealed Bearing Carriage Wheel. Sealed Bearing Carriage Wheel Steel Hub is a scaled down version of our large Carriage Wheel, powder coated hub, 12 spokes hickory wood. Designed to be used on miniature horse carts, venders carts, and antique carts. Weight limit on Sealed Bearing Carriage Wheel with steel hubs, pounds per wheel. Solid Aluminum Hub. Wagon Wheel Wood Wagon Wheel Plans Online Solid Aluminum Hub for light off-road and ornamental use.

For light off-road use, wheel must have oil soaked bronze bushing inserted in bore, 12 spokes hickory wood. This hub is ideal for venders carts for use in retail shops and stores as well as grocery store displays. Weight limit on Solid Aluminum Hub Wheel, pounds per wheel.

Solid Aluminum Lite Hub. For light yard use, wheel must have oil soaked bronze bushing inserted in bore, 10 spokes hickory wood. Steel Wagon Wheel Hub. For over 50 years Steel Wheels is what we do. That is why we sell more Steel Wheels than anyone else. Set a miter saw to cut each end of 8 boards of the length you determined in the previous step with an angle of Lay these pieces of lumber around the circle you have scribed, making sure each end fits tightly, and the joints between the boards are aligned with the angles you scribed in the earlier step.

When you are satisfied the cuts fit, and the overall shape is as desired, fasten each board together either with biscuits, or with wood glue and countersunk wood screws. Build a hub for the wheel by cutting boards large enough for the diameter you desire, and center it over your original center point on your work surface. Then, fasten it down with a screw to temporarily hold it in place. Center the eight sided octagonal shape you created earlier on the outer circle you scribe, and fasten it down temporarily, as well.

Set a point on the center mark to scribe the outside and inside circles Wood Wagon Wheel Plans Guide that form the rim, and to scribe the hub circle as well. Use a jigsaw or bandsaw to cut these circles, giving the hub and wheel rim their final round shape.

Place the rim and hub back in their centered positions and rotate them one half the length of one segment. This will be the position you will mark the spokes at, and they should be centered between the joints in the rim of your wheel. Mark each end of the spoke location, on the wheel and on the hub.

Making sure these are in line will help keep the spokes straight when the wheel is assembled. Drill holes through the rim of the wheel large enough for the spokes to fit through. Cut dowels long enough to go through the rim and into the hub. You can cut them a little longer than necessary and trim them after the wheel is assembled. Insert the dowels through the rim into the hub, gluing them in place.

Make sure each fits correctly so that the hub stays centered in the rim. Sand down any rough edges, trim spokes dowels flush with the outside diameter of the rim, and finish the wheel as you desire. Make sure your printer is turned on.

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