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Cut the hub tenons. Co-authors: Remember, when adding rubber, it adds two 2 inches of diameter to the wheels. Wood wagon wheel plans guide going on Charles Ramos, Jr. If do not have a lathe, you can make a simple hub by cutting round disks with your scroll saw and assembling them as shown in the following Optional Hub section. The Romans were superior engineers and knew that coming to a stop to make a turn was not the way to win a war.

Skip to Content. Looking for Something? Search anything and hit enter. Home Wagons. Category Wagons Free woodworking plans and projects to build a variety of wagons of various sizes, fun projects for childrens toys too.

Follow the free tutorial at the link and build a wooden wagon for your fall …. This is a quick and easy project to build. A wooden wagon could be used …. Kids love wagons, either to be pulled in or to pull around themselves. Build a …. Build a child a toy wagon using these free step-by-step woodworking plans. Our Wood Wagon Wheels are not only authentic Wagon Wheels that are use on our wagons, they can be used to add that rustic, country, or western decor to any room or landscape.

These are the same Handmade Wood Wagon Wheels that we use for our wagon wheel chandeliers. Wagon Wheel Hubs, like Wagon Wheels, come in all size and shapes, we have designed this information page on Wagon Wheel Hubs to assist you in determining the type of Wagon Wheel Hubs and the type to use for your project.

Wagon Wheels consists of four main parts, the tire, felloe's, spokes, and hubs. We can custom make the width on any of our Wagon Wheel to match the needs of your project. The width and depth of the felloe must remain in proportion. Our Wood Wagon Wheels have 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 spokes depending on the size of the wheel and what the wheel will be used for. The number of spokes must be in relationship to the size of the Wagon Wheels.

There are three types of tires on our Wood Wagon Wheel, forge shrunk steel tires, flat rubber tires, and rolled rubber tires. We can place any type tire on any of our Wagon Wheels to fit your project needs. Rubber, flat or rolled, can be added to any of the Wagon Wheels we make. Rubber not only makes less noise on pavement than steel tires, the wheel rolls better which makes it easier to pull.

Rubber will last for miles before having to be replaced, depending on surface and conditions. Adding rubber will increase the wheel size by approximately 2" please allow for the increase when ordering Wagon Wheels. If you add rubber to a 32" wheel, it will be 34" after the rubber. Sarven Hubs. The Sarven Hub Wheel became very popular from aroung with carriage makers in America and is still in use today.

The Sarven Hub Wheel has a wood hub core, reinforced with iron flanges which gives the hub greater strength than the conventional wooden hub. We build our hubs from select Ash. Weight limit on wood hubs depends on the size of the wagon wheels and hubs.. We can also custom build any size wood hub to meet your project needs, up to pounds.

Wood Hubs. Wagon Wheel Wood Hub, medium duty and heavy duty for an original wooden wagon wheel look and light to heavy use. Wood hubs can be used with a boxing, bearings or oil soaked brass inserts. We offer a large selection of wood hubs in all sizes. Medium Duty Steel Hubs. When used with bearings, the hub and wheel can be used for medium to light heavy duty and on-road use. Heavy Duty Steel Hubs. Sealed Bearing Carriage Wheel. Sealed Bearing Carriage Wheel Steel Hub is a scaled down version of our large Carriage Wheel, powder coated hub, 12 spokes hickory wood.

Designed to be used on miniature horse carts, venders carts, and antique carts. Weight limit on Sealed Bearing Carriage Wheel with steel hubs, pounds per wheel.

Solid Aluminum Hub. Wagon Wheel Solid Aluminum Hub for light off-road and ornamental use. For light off-road use, wheel must have oil soaked bronze bushing inserted in bore, 12 spokes hickory wood. This hub is ideal for venders carts for use in retail shops and stores as well as grocery store displays.

Weight limit on Solid Aluminum Hub Wheel, pounds per wheel. Solid Aluminum Lite Hub. For light yard use, wheel must have oil soaked bronze bushing inserted in bore, 10 spokes hickory wood. Steel Wagon Wheel Hub. For over 50 years Steel Wheels is what we do. That is why we sell more Steel Wheels than anyone else. Our Steel Wagon Wheels comes in seven sizes and can be used as decorative wagon wheels or functional wagon wheels.

Rubber can be placed on our 36", 30", 24", 18", 14" 12" and 10" steel wagon wheels.

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