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Download Brochure. Upload Your Floor Plan This apartment is available for family. Homeowners love us! Browse File. It is on floor 11 of a 17 floor building.

Conforming to international standards, these residential flats in Thane has all the high-end amenities to make you an enviable owner. The 1 BHK & 2 BHK apartments here are low cost & affordable, contemporary, spacious & opens out to beautiful views of Thane like never before. This vast township has been developed on lakhs Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa of land. Assume the 1 BHK Flat layout except the bedroom size will be less than the standard size: BHK means: Bedroom, 1 Hall & 1 Kitchen: indicates 1 bedroom & 1 bedroom () which is below the standard size as we already said. Normally they will be referred as . The 2 BHK Small House Design is ideal for couples and little families, this course of action covers a zone of Sq Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa a champion among the most broadly perceived sorts of homes or lofts available, 2 BHK Small House Design spaces, give sufficiently just space for viability yet offer more comfort than a more diminutive one room or studio. In case you are scanning for current house.

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