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If you do not want to end wood work for pooja room 92 spending a fortune on this corner, we strongly suggest you explore warm woods. By assessing the area where the Interior Wood Work Quotation Format Yyyymmdd pooja unit will be placed, the designer will get a better idea of whether to use a built-in unit such as 29 cabinet or a standalone mandir. Do you prefer pooja room designs in wood gor plywood? Own a 2 BHK Wood Work Designs For Tv Cabinet 88 Home? Open in a new tab Embed this photo on my site. Get a simple pooja room shelf and save on your floor space.

A small niche or a blank wall is enough for installing a pooja unit. The designer will use techniques such as layering and framing to give the area a sense of depth and amplitude.

Once again, it depends on the area where the pooja unit is placed as well as whether you prefer to keep the space private. In modern apartments, the living room might be the only place that can accommodate the pooja room. In small houses, the pooja space might be in the corner of the kitchen. Since the pooja unit needs to be kept clean, small pooja cabinet designs with wooden doors that match the kitchen cabinets can help to protect it from the grease and grime that can build up in the room.

We recommend consulting an interior designer for ideas on how to include one in your home. The advantage of working with a professional is that he will provide creative solutions besides advising you on whether wood or plywood is the better option for your budget.

Additionally, he will discuss your requirements and style preferences before creating a custom-design, which any carpenter can build. Moreover, the designer will add decorative elements such as lighting, wall colour and accessories to enhance the beauty of the pooja room.

Your browser is out-of-date. Become a Professional. Sign out. Log in. See all. Notifications Mark all as read. How to create pooja room designs in wood or plywood? Sunita Vellapally 19 May, Loading admin actions …. Is there an ideal size for pooja rooms in wood? Crosscurrents interiors private limited.

Should I opt for pooja room designs in wood or plywood? How to get creative with pooja room designs in wood? Inside Element. What ideas are most suitable for small pooja room designs? How to include a pooja room in a small home? Are doors essential for pooja room designs in wood?

Open in a new tab Embed this photo on my site. Do you prefer pooja room designs in wood or plywood? Whether you want to go for a compact installation or an elaborate structure, wood is economical and can blend with any style with ease. Well, these divine corners serve as a peaceful abode amidst all the chaos and they deserve to look attractive.

Opt Hammer For Wood Work Data for beautifully carved doors for your pooja room and light a lamp inside. You will love how beautiful it looks with the light creating a visual design of its own! We all know how essential storage is in our modern day apartments, where every inch of space is utilised.

If you are lucky enough to create some space for your pooja room, then we are sure you would want to make full use of it. If you have a pooja unit that has cabinets and open shelves, then you can very well use it as an storage unit. The open shelves can serve as display for your idols and related items, while the closed cabinets can house your exclusive cutlery, good China or even pooja samagri. Talk about disguised storage! Yes, we have all faced this situation — creating space for something against a wall when we cannot have a dedicated room for it.

When it comes to pooja rooms as well, building a pooja corner against a wall is practical, given the diminishing sizes of apartments these days. A wooden ledge or a simple wooden wall mounted unit is your best bet when it comes to this type of pooja corner.

Just give the wall an uplift by putting a wallpaper in a bright colour and voila! Your very own simple wall mounted pooja room design is ready. We agree, marble and granite look grand and classy when used in pooja rooms, but wood is equally good.

If you do not want to end up spending a fortune on this corner, we strongly suggest you explore warm woods. You can choose from dark wood to lighter tones, anything that matches with the rest of the interiors.

Build an entire pooja unit with wood and we assure you, you will not regret it! Decorate it with bells or add a hint of glitter with shimmering panels. You can do so much with simple wooden pooja units.

Here are some designs for contemporary homes.

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