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Mid-Century Modern interior project that has the status of a classic beauty. Image credit: GC Flat. Image credit: PGD. Source: katescreativespace. It comes packaged with storage, with cabinets and niches of various sizes.

In the second example, the TV is inserted between the working place and the bookshelves hinting that the usage of it, thanks to smart technologies, can be more as an enlarged computer screen than as a TV. And in the third decor composition, although the TV is large its insertion into the decor is light and easygoing- it is mounted directly into the wall with simplistic and clear-lined configuration, searching for pure and elegant functionality.

Image credit: Arquitetura Nacional. This is one of our favorite Brazilian decors of late — here the designer had and artistic and aesthetically stimulating approach to the introduction of the TV element into the design.

It looks like a part of the color and silhouettes play of the composition. In those examples of modern, urban decors we have a search of contrasts — the TV wall is developed as a color or textural accent, and in addition stylish furniture details are introduced without disturbing the purity of lines. The elaborate character and individuality of composition comes from the small artistic details, unique furniture insertions, book elements, and family findings that decorate the surrounding shelves.

Image credit: Team7. Image credit: Febal Wood Work Designs For Main Door Year Casa. In the first example we selected for you, there is an elegant contrast between colors blue and white as well as a dynamic configuration of shapes and silhouettes. The trendy metal book-case structure adds to the dynamic play of the decor as well as the warmer accents introduced by the TV cabinet and the small organic details of the round coffee tables, giving a warmer, wooden hint to this urban decor composition.

Image credit: Filippo Bombace. In this arch composition of another artistic urban decor — this time in the center of Florence — the designers from Studio Pierattelli choose to create a warm color and textural configuration that has certain functionality in mind.

Image credit: Studio Pierattelli Architetture. An arch that host a TV- wall, storage and a fire place — an epitome of urban romantics. Here we have a play of textures, shapes, materials, and colors, giving an artistic richness to the design idea. The fireplace has a marble base, the arch is rich, warm wood, and the simplicity of the TV niche is supplemented by the storage units in bold turquoise color.

And all of that is surrounded by trendy brass and black wood accents — urban luxury and artistic riches. Image credit: Ahead Concept Design. Here we have selected for you some functional and decoratively aesthetical solutions for storage walls with a TV on it. Implementing such a solution — which by the way is very felicitous for small urban dwellings, because it saves space and gives extra storage and tidiness for the overall composition- requires a general space design and the help of a professional designer or architect.

It starts with assembling a specific wall niche for the TV screen, and the rest of the space is covered with the selected material wood, plywood, laminate or veneer securing different configurations of storage space. Usually, this kind of TV wall solution is custom-made for the concrete space. Image credit: Studio Bazi. Image credit: Sigmar. Image credit: KahDesign. TV wall with storage compartments is truly very modern and urban design solutions — elegant, tidy, and flexible, and its functionality does not contradict the overall aesthetic of contemporary styles.

Image credit: Rimadesio. In this attractive modern composition, we have one very intriguing extra — a sliding panel that can conceal or reveal the TV screen. This dynamic decor configuration offers, again, a contrast in materials and colors palette, with functionality and abundant extra storage in mind: affordable luxury and clever design solution for open-space premise configuration.

Which will prevail and attract your attention today — the book or the TV? Image credit: Gosplan. Image credit: XS Studio. This type of TV set arrangement is one of the most popular in modern design. Image credit: Olha Wood. The wall-niche configuration allows a wide variety of creative design solutions — a simple, open, and minimalist white square is one option- especially suited for a limited urban-dwelling because it saves space and thanks to its clear lines does not overcrowds the decor.

But more elaborate constructs are also quite popular- hidden lighting scheme with integrated LED installation to underline the TV wall niche, contrasting materials play Wood Work For Tv Wall Youtube — dark veneer and chocolate wood — as it is in the second example we selected for you — is also quite a stylish option.

Image credit: Studio Roy David. The third example here presents us with another contrasting niche configuration this time decided in the stylistics of modern minimalism and purity. In this case, the open niche combines both; open, clear-lined exposition and enough functional space to host decorative objects.

Image credit: Zupelli Design Architettura. And the fourth example of this series has a more technical approach to the design solution — a sliding panel gives a tidy, hidden possibility for the TV screen to be made absent from the decor configuration when not in use — a very apt and stylishly executed option. Image credit: APALondon.

Well, that is a beautiful solution for small urban dwellings. Doubling the role of a divider of space and TV screen holder, a flexible and creative TV wall has many intriguing implementations. The functionality of a dividing TV wall does not restrict its additional functions — decorative, as a library and book shelving structure, as a part of a lighting scheme or even as a table, cabinet, or storage space — everything is possible.

Image credit: Casa The variations of materials play can also be quite fun and creatively challenging- metal frames, wooden shelves, concrete countertops, or simplistic white surfaces are all an option for a modern, space dividing TV wall.

Why not add some green plant life or vertical gardening as well? Image credit: Studio In2. In those tree creative design solutions, the flexible and dynamic configuration of the dividing wall that hosts the TV screen is not so much used as a fictional knack but more like a stylish and elegant statement of modern design composition. Your feedback helps us improve. We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends.

Home Designing. Follow Us The TV is mounted to one end of the long console, with the opposite side being used as the ideal place to display a few favourite art prints lit by designer lamps. This offset alignment gives the illusion of sliding volumes, pulling away to leave display nooks.

A block arrangement of media units to the side creates a place to display decorative and treasured items. The feature provides a lovely cosy glow, in lieu of a traditional flame fireplace. The low shelf at the base of the installment is reminiscent of a hearth too.

Uninterrupted floor space looks clear and tidy; the room looks more spacious and is also easier to clean. The LED lighting strip that runs beneath the upper unit in this particular arrangement adds to the look of weightlessness, as well as illuminating display items beneath. A side positioned modern fireplace on a low level wall mounted unit adds to the high-end finish, the transparent fireplace screen ensuring visual emphasis remains on the marble.

Off topic, but those gorgeous nesting coffee tables help as well! This cleverly constructed wall disguises a cat ladder as a set of casually offset shelves and a cabinet display nook. There is also a cat flap leading into a compartment within an adjacent cupboard. No problem. A nice flat-screen Television may be the key to a successful movie night, but your entertainment system can easily finish up disrupting the design flow of your space.

A single open-shelving panel makes room for more design details, like a stack of books and a woven basket, and placing the Wood Work Designs For Tv Cabinet 88 TV just slightly off-center provides a space for a tall plant and sculptural items. With no wires visible, the TV is positioned right in the center for optimal viewing.

Small ornamental accents finish the look on either part. Uploaded by user angtk Stewart family room angle love that the tv. Uploaded by user banncovington Master bedroomrecess TV no surround on wall. Uploaded by user joycexvasquez For the living room. Uploaded by user nglrobert Wall mounted media shelves Thick wood. Uploaded by user mryrjomyxmg All decor from Kirklands.

Uploaded by user monicaopher Create this cool concept in your favorite. Uploaded by user vaishnavigk It could be cool to put together some sort. Uploaded by user femke TV wandmeubel gemaakt van steigerhout en. Uploaded by user navigator Sala de estar projeto arquiteta Melissa. Uploaded by user squekxy Guest room.

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