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It is made of industry-grade metal and uses a dual-clip lock to keep the filters in place. For more related content, subscribe to our newsletter! Air-Filtration Systems. The fan is responsible for sucking the polluted air inside the device through the filters wood workshop air filtration system 70 then pushing out the purified output. Check Price on Amazon 8. Nice project though.

The prefilter, made of spun nylon or pleated fabric, captures larger dust particles 5 microns or larger , and can be cleaned with compressed air or a shop vacuum. Most prefilters will eventually need to be replaced after cleaning no longer improves their performance. The Powermatic PM, below , has a screen rather than a traditional prefilter.

Because replacements for these filters cost 4—5 times more than the prefilters, be sure to keep the prefilter clean or replace it often to preserve the inner filter. As dust particles build up on the filters, airflow drops off, but filtration improves. We suggest erring on the side of caution and cleaning the prefilter about every 7—10 days of working in the shop. With a couple of exceptions, you can turn the unit on or off, control the fan speed, and even set a timer that turns it off automatically via a panel on the unit, or by remote control.

The Grizzly G provides the functions on its remote control only. The Supermax has a gauge that indicates when the filters become too clogged to clean the air effectively. No other units have this feature. Filter upgrades can save an air cleaner Curious to see if an upgraded filter would improve performance on these air cleaners, we tested two units with aftermarket prefilters MERV 7 and high-efficiency pocket filters MERV 15 from American Fabric Filter , americanfabricfilter. However, the Grizzly G improved vastly from minutes using its original filters to just 33 minutes with the AFF filters.

First, the Jet AFS proved best overall with the top airflow, fast filtration, and the largest filters fewer cleanings. But its large size could make it unrealistic in some shops, particularly those with a low ceiling.

Our Top Value: the box fan. Get one rated at MERV 10 at a minimum. A filter rated higher than MERV 12 will increase dust pickup, but likely lessen airflow. Download Dust Filters Comparison Chart. When I find a woodworking plan I like well enough to graduate it to the workshop, I laminate a You apparently did not understand the design. The air is not exhausted into the attic, but is recirculated into the shop space. The box is closed on the top and air is sucked in through the filters and exhausted through ports on the ends of the box.

Looks good!. If you know a heating contractor, you might see if they have any old furnace blower assemblies they want to get rid of. They would be free cutting your costs and, if serviced regularly, would provide years of service. Also use Pleated filters rather than the cheap disposable ones. They are more expensive but will capture more dust too!

Hell of an Idea brother!! I Like it!! Your design looks as if the air from the work space is being sent outside and not back into the work space. Also although the fan maybe rated at cfm, your design reduces this number, because of how close the top of the hood is to the fan and then has to may a 90 degree turn.

In other words, the area flow is being pressed against the hood, stops and then moves towards the exit. Remember me. Lost your password? Privacy Policy. LOG IN. About: Developer, Programmer, Engineer and fan of all things Electronic. More About ArthurGuy ». This means that the overall depth of the unit can be a lot less. The original fan controls were retained so they could be mounted into the case.

The buttons from the fan are mounted in the side of the case so it can be easily operated. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Incredible Wooden Spirals by rschoenm in Woodworking.

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