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Workshop is great, clean woodworking tool. The wooden lever uses a cam to rotate the stop against the casters. This type of workbench with integrated tool storage is ideal for a small shop. Make the Most of Your Garage Shop. The wood workshop in basement zone and horizontal aorkshop of electrical outlets in a dedicated workshop should also be greater than in a home space.

The client chose a dark gray laminate in our Moonlight color that met his "green" requirement. Aluminum Omni Track wall tracks with specialized accessories were hung along the walls. This home woodworking shop includes many customizations to suit the owner's work and basement workshop location: Hidden inside the drawers along wall six of the wood shop layout are dust-collecting vacuums.

The top drawer faces are false fronts that conceal a large box insert which houses these collection vacuums. An Omni Track wall system was implemented to hold an array of tools and bins. In order to flawlessly fit the specific height of each table in the basement workshop, laminate panels were configured to specific sizes and cut from the bottom.

The butcher block countertops were also customized— each a specific depth. Task lighting was included over the sink and worktable. The basement floors were uneven and sloping, which required careful attention to detail. This client designs and builds contemporary, one-of-a-kind art quality furniture and desired a home woodworking shop for his craft.

An allotted area in the basement behind a secret, hidden door of the home needed to be transformed into a basement workshop that could make use of every square inch of the limited space. He requested visual height consistency between components for the overall aesthetic as well as functionality. It happens. What about other users of the space? Is there already a play-room for kids in your cellar, or a utility space with a washer and dryer?

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