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Cherry Molding Profiles. Contemporary Wood Brackets. Permanent home on WC would be great!!! Fusion Collection. Forty-three profile drawings of oak moldings along with a MS Works document bllcks each profile.

Great for planning shop layouts. Six drawings in DXF format. DeltaCAD Symbols. Hinges, drafting markers, and drill charts. DCAD symbol format only. Store in DCAD symbols folder. Twenty-two miscellaneous part symbols and 17 label symbols that can be used in drawings or in creating labels for storage bins. Print labels grid scale at 1.

DeltaCAD symbol format Workshop Woodworking Machinery Journal only. Store in DC symbols folder. Michael Vogt. This library contains some profiles for the top of cupboards, some carving motives, a chimney fire, audio and video cassettes.

Dimensioned in centimeters. DXF Format. Brass Hardware. Miscellaneous drawer pulls, hinges, etc. Beautifully drawn, and dimensioned in centimeters. Miscellaneous foot styles and aprons for casework.

This library contains dove tail connections for drawers and a construction for varable boards in racks or cupboards. Router Profiles. Mission Corbels. Classic Corbels.

Decorative Wood Inlay. Full Table Kits. Half Round Moulding. Island Legs. The Fusion Legs. Corner Posts. Pilasters for Cabinetry. Moulding and Trim. All Mouldings. Onlays and Appliques.

Table Legs. Coffee Table Legs. Dining Table Legs. End Table Legs. Table Lift Hardware. Table Pedestals. Table Slides. Fixed Frame Table Slides Equalizer. Equalizing Slides for Standard Tables. Table Tops. Turning Blanks and Dim. Vanity Legs. Finished Components. Recessed V Stabilizer. I could trace over a PDF of the stuff from Grizzly but that would be very time consuming.

Does anyone know of any online sources for the above mentioned file formats? Permanent home on WC would be great!!! Archive List Messages Live Forum.

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