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Write a response Cancel reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Damp floors greatly increase the risk of electric shock because damp concrete provides excellent electrical conduction from the tool right into the ground. Next photo shows a cartridge type dust mask. Lastly, figure out the parking situation. Awesome shop, I wish I had all that space!

Used as a curved block, arching support, or moving flexibility enhancer, the yoga wheel offers new challenges and opportunities to provide insight and discovery into your yoga practice. This workshop, taught by Roberta Rosenthal, RYT, offers a variety of exercises and uses for the wheel and notes are provided. Workshop Fee - If the workshop is about knowledge, share the history of the topic. Substance: If the workshop is physical, this is the time to prepare the body for the peak pose or if it’s a calmer class, demonstrate the poses you’re teaching the students. If the workshop is about knowledge, discuss the details of the topic. Shop. About. More. Login. Register. or. Class Schedule. You must pre-register to reserve your spot in class. During Phase Wood Workshop Ventilation Lab III Re-Opening RI, walk-ins are not permitted. Late arrivals are not permitted. Reservations for IN-STUDIO classes may be made a maximum of 5 days in advance.

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