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Is this something I should be concerned about, and how would I avoid the worktops suffering because of excess moisture? If you have Woodworking Plans Marbles And Jokers Test decided upon solid wood kitchen cabinets, matching cabinet doors and spectacular kitchen worktopsit is now time to think about some of the details. Sink base units are anywhere from to ssink wide, but most sinks will require wood worktop and sink least a mm workhop. Joelp1 wood worktop and sink, May 12, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It really was not hard to do at all.

I'm guessing you'll need to have the worktop overhanging the sink bowl by 10mm as well, same as fitting a butler sink etc, I'd write a nice disclaimer about mounting this under mount sink in a wooden top, may be I'm just paranoid.

Utter madness! G Brown , May 10, Wraggster As I'm sure you know wooden worktops come in a range of qualities. If you don't want to take the advice to walk away, consider using a specialist. In addition the care kit they supply will help ease the usual wooden worries.

Check them out and then see what may be available in your own area. Good luck. Generally fitting undermount sinks in wooden worktops is a silly idea. BUT very expensive oak may stand up to the constant soaking? I personally don't see what the problem is. I've fitted loads of wooden worktops and in most cases with a Belfast sink and drainer grooves. An undermount can't be any different and if the worktops Oak, its not going to rot in your lifetime. I would insist on 40mm thick though in case of warping.

At the end of the day your not going to be liable for it for ever. Its up to the customer to look after it when you've gone. As long as they oil it regularly there won't be a problem. If they don't then its on their head not yours. Johnnyfingers , May 10, I don't see why an undermount will be any more problematic than a belfast. It's steel rather than ceramic but the damaging stuff water is just the same and all the same rules about installation and aftercare apply.

Binfield Carpenter , May 10, But it's not going to be the same as fitting a Belfast sink. With a Belfast the wood overhangs the sink and has a drainage groove on the bottom etc. When mounting the under mount sink the worktop will have to be cut 10mm LARGER than the sink bowl and it will be bonded to the underside of the worktop.

This will just create trouble in the future. Hence you will get standing water on the edge of the sink that will be sucked into the wooden work top. It will look gash in no time at all! That is my opinion anyway. Asking for trouble! Joelp1 , May 12, I agree with Johnnyfingers. When I fit wooden worktops I give them a coat of oil on the underside once a day for the first 3 days whilst I am fitting the kitchen so when they are ready to be machined they can be worked on right away,then glued together and sanded ready for the top coat which is done last thing so they are dry in the morning.

When the undermount sink is fitted underneath the worktop i use sanitary anti-mould silicone to stick and seal the sink to the underside of the worktop and then screw small plates around the outside of the sink flange to sandwich the flange tight up against the underside of the worktop.

He pulled it apart so I could take a photo. I would have had more detailed photos of this whole process but we were on that crazy ORC schedule.

I wish I had taken a photo of how they looked before we ripped them down on each side. The wood dipped down in the seams. This photo was taken after it was dry and the clamps were removed.

For the Free Woodworking Plans And Projects Tutorial finish, I had created so many samples that my head was spinning. This is what I narrowed it down to…..

I just could not decide what to do with this with our DIY wood countertop. That flooring was the main attraction and everything just looked wrong next to it. You can read all about our awesome flooring, here. I love it and am so happy with it! It was ending up too dark. I had done a few samples with my favorite driftwood stain to see if I liked that look.

That kept the stain from grabbing too dark plus it changed the shade of the stain just a bit. Weird, I know, but you do what works. Here is the wood with the driftwood stain applied.

Once it was dry, I applied my antique walnut stain. I wanted it to have a bit of an aged appearance so I knew I was going to apply some white dry brushing like I did on the sample board I chose. So I decided to apply one coat of poly first. Once it was dry, I came back and very lightly went over the whole top with my chip brush and white paint.

I sealed that with another coat of poly. Once that was dry, I gave it a light sanding and applied a bit more white here and there. Then I gave it another coat. Much easier than we expected it to be.

And I love the warmth and contrast it gives to the room. Now I want to put a DIY wood countertop somewhere else! Too bad I have nowhere else to really put one. More home DIY tutorials we have shared here:. See it, here! Here are a few of the other projects seen in this post:.

Thanks for sharing your redo! This looks amazing, Nancy. Thanks for sharing how you did it. Love this! I see you did it in the laundry room. What do you think? Butcher block is sooooo expensive!

Love it!! The young couple that lives in my rent house did this in the kitchen. Someone had used Rustoleum for countertops and ruined them. We will be interested for updates on how well it wears. OH yay!! I am really loving he warmth of it. I love this!! I have been wanting a wood countertop in my kitchen. Now I know how to do it!!

Thanks so much for sharing all your talent!!! Yay, thank you Lynn! Great job! Thanks Dawn!! Yep, you are right about that! You could really use any wood you like. Hi Amanda, We just secured it from underneath with wood screws, through the base to the cabinet. Being careful to use screws long enough to secure but not go through the top.

Great job : can I ask how much the project cost in total? Pretty simple project cost wise and labor wise. This is exactly what I have been trying to explain to my husband. Definitely trying the counter in our laundry room space.

Aw yes! We had been thinking about adding a wood counter somewhere kitchen or laundry for several years. And we love the look. Has anyone done this in the entire kitchen yet?

Like under and around the sink area? I love the beetlekill pine form the mountains and would like to use it. Search around a bit on the web and you should find a few! Hi Ariel, We just secured it from underneath with wood screws, through the base to the cabinet. I LOVE the counter! I need to replace my kitchen counter.

In your opinion, do you think this would be a good choice? We can D. Thanks so much! Thanks for fixing the problem with share-a-holic from a few months ago. I LOVE your ideas.!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Charlene! I know many who have! I know some seal with the marine finishes because they hold up to so much. I used Gen Fin Gel top coat.

Is the countertop food safe? I wonder about the stain and poly if the top is being used regularly for food prep. I personally would have no problem using this in a kitchen. Hey Ashlie! You most certainly can though! Nice work! And if so did screwing it to the base cabinets take care of it?

Hi Andy! Thank you! Planing the boards would help too. We were just very careful in our selection of boards from the store. This is so beautiful! I have seen this from kitchen in the s, and I want it so bad in my kitchen! Thanks Maggie : We were originally going to do this in the kitchen.

We did end up going in a different direction in there but absolutely LOVE it in our laundry! Did you put it on top of a layer of mdf or other similar flat surface?

My main concern is warping with the soft wood but maybe having them joined together solves that problem. Butcher block is ridiculously expensive for something you Woodworking Projects And Plans Free Video can diy much cheaper.

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