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Feb 22,  · Proper management of New Jersey's more than , Diy Wood Projects Plans Uk acres of private woodlands currently under the Farmland Assessment Act will not only help eliminate excessive and unnecessary cutting of one of the state's valuable natural resources, but also will enhance the benefits of properly managed woodlands, such as improved air and water quality and wildlife habitat. Private lands management in New Jersey Whether your woods is 6 acres or sixty, it's an integral part of the state-wide landscape. And Wood Gate Plan 80 by doing your part to look after the land, the benefits will be appreciated by your family, and native plants and wildlife alike. May 21,  · NEW JERSEY FARMLAND ASSESSMENT Landowner: _____ Farm #: _____ CRITERIA OF A WOODLAND MANAGEMENT PLAN CHECKLIST [ ] 1. A cover page for the plan shall be prepared delineating the following: [ ] a. The owner’s name and mailing address. [ ] b. The municipality and county where subject woodland is located.

The New Jersey Forestry Association was founded in and incorporated in to promote forestry and forest management on public and privately owned woodlands throughout New Jersey. V T T ] specifies that a “forest management plan” is either a Forest Stewardship Plan, a Woodland Management Plan that includes criteria found in the BMP manual, or a Harvesting Plan. By synchronizing the old federal Forest Stewardship Plan requirements to the new Forest Stewardship Plan . In the case of wooded or substantially-wooded farms, a specific Woodland Management Plan or Forest Stewardship Plan must be submitted to your local tax assessor and the NJDEP Forest Service at the commencement of the forest management. Annually, an Application Woodworking Plans Youtube 360 for Farmland Assessment must be filed by August 1st of the pre-tax calendar year.

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