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My pride is a pristine version with an intact Stanley logo on the tote. Talk to an Expert Get advice on the latest products and help with your projects. The others are in a variety of conditions although all restored and tuned and different set-ups. I sharpened and honed the blade to a grit and it exceeded my expectations! My Cart. Write a Review. Stylus Kit.
I bought this kit about three years ago and have since used these planes on just about every project done since. I’ll split up the review into three parts- one for each plane in the set, then I’ll follow that up with general comments. #4 Smoother- This plane has been my go to plane . Oct 28,  · I couldn't find it on the Bench Dog website either. It does not appear to be a clone of the WoodRiver / Quangsheng hand plane. They also don't say what alloy the blade is made from. It's $15 cheaper than a WoodRiver No. 4, so my guess is it's Chinese as well. There's also a Bench . Jan 19,  · A couple months ago, while visiting some friends in Arizona, I went to a Woodcraft store and bought a WoodRiver #5 V3 bench plane. While I don't need any more bench planes, I was curious to see just how good the much-talked-about WoodRiver planes really were. From what I have read, Version 3 (V3) is.

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