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Jays Custom Creations. The quality is second to none, my tools rust in my shop so bronze if available per model will aid in preventing rust, and supporting a USA small business is something I always lean towards when possible. The name Jack plane comes from way back when this particular type of hand plane was woodriver vs bench dog planes down to perform a wide variety of woodworking tasks. I only endorse products, services, and merchants that I consider of the highest quality standard. Lost Email? However, noticed the change in the lever cap and the use of beech wood handles.

CIXI city Qiangsheng tool co. It appears that they offer slight changes for different companies who sell them in Europe and the U. The changes are often stylistic and implemented to reflect an aesthetic of the brand or to differentiate between brands. For example, the main change from one brand name to another is the shape and material of the lever cap with the companie's name on it. Here is the 4 as seen at the Chinese manufacturer's website:. Woodcraft offers four sizes of bench planes: 3, 4, 5, and 6.

All under the brand name "Wood River". On top of the cast iron body these planes include parts made from steel, wood, stainless steel and brass.

However, noticed the change in the lever Woodworking Bench Vise Dogs Inc cap and the use of beech wood handles. Here it is. It reassembles the Lie Nielsen in almost every way; from the choosing of the materials to the color of the cast iron and the proportions of the different components. WoodRiver version of the Lie Nielsen's block plane look almost exactly like the JUUMA plane except that it has a two parts Lever cap that clamp down on the blade via a cam mechanism. Personally I prefer the Lie Nielsen's style with its more predictable tightening knob.

The Chinese company has recently started to make yet another Lie Nielsen's clone. The type of woodworking jobs that you would do with a low angle Jack plane includes, sizing timber, working with end grain, shooting miters, and initially smoothing out and straightening rough or warped surfaces from the wood to be worked on. The name Jack plane comes from way back when this particular type of hand plane was used to perform a wide variety of woodworking tasks.

The Jack plane is such a versatile hand plane that it can do the job that other hand planes do, such as smoothing, jointing, and scrub planes. Low-angle Jack planes are typically around 14 inches in length, but because of the number of manufactures producing Jack planes, there is now a wide selection available. Jack planes are a very versatile woodworking tool and are very popular with woodworkers around the world.

What is the difference between a jack plane and a block plane? The main differences between a Jack plane and a block plane are, to start off with, Jack planes are longer in length than a block plane, block planes tend to be compact and can be used with one hand if required.

Jack planes are, and some might argue, are not a specialist woodworking tool, known as a very versatile hand woodworking tool, they are often used for removing warps and twists in wood or smoothing out rough surfaces and help to true up long lengths of timber.

Block planes are designed for cutting end grain, chamfering and shaping pieces of wood and are a great all rounder hand plane to have in your collection. Your email address will not be published.

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Thanks to its lengthy sole, it quickly levels dips and high spots to produce a straight, square edge prior to edge joining. It also performs the final flattening of surfaces before finishing with a smoothing plane. You can easily adjust the mouth opening to produce fine shavings while minimizing tearout. Since the frog and base are a one-piece casting, blade chatter is virtually eliminated.

The sides of the plane body are machined perfectly square with the sole, making it ideal for fine-tuning tenons and cleaning up corners, rabbets and other joinery elements. The blade installs bevel up and beds against the frog at 19 degrees.

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