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This article contains incorrect information. Special Features. Emptying the bag is also tricky — way more complicated than any other bag we reviewed. Your answer will be used to improve our content. Dust collectors filter dust from the air.

We highly recommend this super dust-busting workhorse for your workshop. Powerful and portable, this dust collector will keep your workshop free of dangerous sawdust and improve the air quality so that you can work safely and breathe easily. Dust collectors are designed with a powerful 1 HP or 1. A dust collector is very easy to use. Just attach it to your wood cutting, beveling or wood smoothing tool with a flexible hose and the advanced filtration system will suck the dust out into an attached collection bag.

Once the bag is full, you can safely dispose of the dust in the trash. A 2-stage or cyclonic dust collector is a must-have machine for any DIY woodworking enthusiast or a professional carpenter. Extremely efficient, a 2-stage dust collector has improved suction power that can suck up the smallest of dust particles down to 1-micron as well as larger wood chips.

This type of dust collector is ideal for medium-to-large woodworking tasks, but it might be too bulky for a small workspace. If you are looking for a unit that you can transport easily around your work area, consider a dust collector with a rolling base or a mobile dust extractor.

To find the right dust collector for your work needs, think about the CFM rating of the power tools that you use daily. A dust collector may have a plastic collection bag or a collection drum. Plastic collection bags are very easy to empty and may also have a viewing window that helps you to monitor the amount of dust inside the bag. Even though a plastic bag is lighter than a collection drum, the bag can break if you overfill it. You also have to consider the size of the hose or the inlet port that connects the dust collector to your woodworking machine.

A dust collector may have a 2 or 4-inches inlet or hose, so make sure that you check the size of the port on your miter or band saw first. You also need to be aware that the hose may or may not come with the dust collector. The noise production of a dust collector will depend on its suction power and filtration system. Fortunately, most dust collectors produce an acceptable level of noise in the decibel dB range. A more powerful dust collector can still be too noisy in a small workspace, so make sure you invest in ear protection.

This single-stage dust collector offers you lots of woodworking versatility. When the dust collector is used with a gallon collection bag, it will filter harmful dust particles down to 2-microns and larger wood chips. The dust collector comes with a durable 4-inches hose that fits most woodworking machines such as a jointer, saw, shaper, and planer.

For easy portability, the dust collector also has a handle and caster wheels with a brake function. A safety cap also prevents your hand from touching the impeller blade. You can target dust at its source as the DC has a 4-inches inlet port that is compatible with a range of woodworking tools.

The included mounting bracket and exclusive clamp and bolt locking system allow you to attach the dust collector to the wall, a work-bench, or even on the floor.

Dust disposal is easy too as the reusable gallon bag has a built-in viewing window and a zipper on the bottom of the bag. Creating a dust-free workspace is quickly achieved with this wall-mounted unit that is designed to capture dust particles at their source.

Just wall-mount the W and attach it to your woodworking tool and it will clean up the surrounding air. Read more about Dust Collector Accessories. Call Today! Fast Shipping. You have no items in your shopping cart. Metalworking Metalworking Specials New Products! Dust Collectors. Bag Style Cyclone-Style. Why buy a dust collector from Baileigh Industrial?

Casters for easy movement — All but our 2 largest dust extractors have swiveling wheels on the base. All it takes is a couple of Li-ion batteries easily available in the market to power this powerhouse. This unit is equipped with a 2-stage cloth filtration system that not only deals effectively with both large and fine dust particles but is equally easy to clean. It weighs only 2. Moreover, while its minutes of battery timing is modest, to put it mildly, this unit makes up for this shortcoming.

It comes with a built-in fan that cools down the battery to increase its shelf life. Another built-in mechanism Star Protection Computer Controls , saves the batteries from overheating. Finally, you can rely on this unit to do all your cleaning chores. That is, because, it comes with three attachments in its package.

To justify its reputation as one of the best dust collectors on the market, the DCVB offers oodles of useful features. It is equipped with dual clean-up modes, which means you can either use its front utility nozzle to clean dry messes or the heavy-duty rubber hose to take care of wet ones. With its angled head coming to our aid, we had little problem guiding this powerhouse along baseboards. Equally impressive was the performance of its angle nozzle which took care of nooks and crannies.

Also, since the battery is installed underneath the handle, it serves as a good counterweight to the motor. Apart from trapping All it would take you to rid it of dirt is a simple rinse with tap water.

All the dust collectors that you see in this review have a filtration system, dust collection bag, and intake ports. Where they do differ, however, is the number of stages that each model may have. For instance:. As a result, you can rely on them to only collect small amounts of dirt.

On the plus side, the compactness of these units allows you to connect them to your power tools. Also, as they produce relatively less volume of air, the power consumption of these models is also relatively low.

In contrast to the single-stage models which only contain a dust filter, the dual-stage dust collectors also have a separator. That, in turn, increases the suction power of the whole model, thereby increasing its performance.

They have a bulky size and might also require professional installation. Having said that, you might need these models if your workplace produces huge amounts of dirt. They are extremely powerful machines and can make short work of clouds of dust.

In contrast to Woodshop Kits For Sale Australia their fixed counterparts, portable dust collectors are for small-sized workshops. They are available at a budget price range and are therefore suitable for beginners. So those of you who earn a living from woodworking might not find them hugely useful. Greater the power, the better your collector will perform and more dust it will collect.

Assuming that the air pollution in your area might have forced you to know more about filter sizes, you might already be aware that they are measured in microns. If you can afford to break the bank, you might get models with 0.

The budget-minded consumer would do well to get anything close to 10microns as these filters effectively remove most dust particles.

Conversely, if your workplace does produce huge amounts of dirt, never settle on model with less dirt capacity. Rather, if you feel like drowning in the dust at times, you might want your ideal dust collector to have a bigger dust bin. Only then you can rely on it to tidy up your workplace. Provided you can afford to blow a hole in your pocket, the following are some of the features you may want in your model.

You might need to know that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with cyclone or bag dust collectors. It is what you want your dust collector to do which makes one of them better than the other. Cyclone dust collectors work by creating high volumes of air to remove dust and debris. They use centrifugal force to separate large dust particles from the smaller ones. As a result, you would find the majority of these devices have two-stages. The first stage separates heavier chips and debris from the air whereas the second collects fine particulate matter.

Although they cost more and require more space, bag dust collectors are the more efficient of the two. More importantly, in addition to taking care of finer dust particles, bag dust collectors can also handle slightly sticky substances. As their name implies, the industrial dust collectors remove airborne dust particles from industrial and commercial areas. These are standalone devices that are capable of handling heavy volumes of dirt.

Industries, where the innate work involves dust, are mandated under law to have these devices installed or face penalties for risking the safety and health of their workers.

Without going into technicalities, the following system constitutes an industrial dust collector:. These units are ideal for operations which involve a large dust load, huge product recovery, and high temperatures. They use one or all the following forces of centrifugal, inertial, and gravitational to rid the airstream of dust.

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