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I also ran a dedicated outlet on the wall for the saw from the sensed circuit across the room for the other tools on the vacuum system. The commercially available 2. Do you woodshop vacuum system design inc it will over heat? Probably fine dust on the ball is the culprit. There are no baffles inside at all. There are so many of these tools out woodsbop, and systemm comes with their specific functionalities. Total cost of a PVC system would be less, and the components are available at any home improvement store.

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The system also features a wide range of hoses, connectors, adaptors, and tools that make it easy to keep your shop clean. For many of us woodworkers, installing adequate dust collection is the woodshop equivalent of eating our vegetables: We know it's good for us, but other items on the menu seem a lot more appetizing. But opting out on dust collection — like passing on the vegetables — ultimately can be hazardous to our health.

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that our skin and respiratory systems can become sensitized to wood dust, meaning that further exposure could result in allergic reactions ranging from eye irritation and nasal dryness to dermatitis and asthma. And if that's not enough, OSHA classifies wood dust as a known carcinogen.

Besides those health issues, accumulation of dust also poses safety and fire hazards. Sawdust can make a floor slippery and can catch fire if hit by a stray spark. It can decrease the quality of your woodworking, too, by wearing on your tools and preventing you from keeping the stock in constant contact with the cutter.

The good news is that dealing with dust doesn't have to be difficult or outrageously expensive. Rockler has worked hard to make dust collection an easy add-on to any woodworking machine.

Thanks again! The ball valves work well as a vacuum seal, but once in a while they get stiff and hard to close completely. WD40 loosens them back up. Probably fine dust on the ball is the culprit. How do the costs compare? Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. The 2" PVC pipe and fittings elbows, wyes, couplings, etc. Total cost of a PVC system would be less, Auto Body Dust Vacuum Systems Test and the components are available at any home improvement store.

A common complaint of the 2. The 2. I will say that it is kind of neat to be able to see dust moving through the clear 2. In my opinion, it appears that the advantages of PVC stronger, seals better, easier to find parts for, less expensive, available in longer lengths are enough that it makes sense for me to go forward with PVC.

Thank you for writing this instructable! I am in the planning stage of building a basement workshop. I have a few pieces of the clear 2.

However, the more I research and think about it, it seems that using 2" PVC would be better and probably less expensive. How well do the ball valves work for dust collection? The commercially available 2. Thank you! Could u give some more info on the dust collecting chamber itself? What did u use to put it together are there any baffles inside? Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. If you are referring to the barrel where the sawdust ends up, it is just a 30 gallon paper barrel with a metal lid that lifts off.

There are no baffles inside at all. I suppose most people would use a metal barrel but I had this one and it is much lighter. Really outstanding. I have never gotten around to much beyond building a DIY cyclone thing, but I have every intention of getting on it when it gets warmer Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. Most of the stuff was in my junk box. I could have built cheaper by not using the heavy electrical box Menards- don't remember the cost.

By spstewart Follow. More by the author:. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Incredible Wooden Spirals by rschoenm in Woodworking. Telescope Setting Circles by instgct in Science. Reply Upvote. Should have read your comments as looks like someone already recommended the remote outlet

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