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WoodShop — семейная мастерская лазерной резки. Мы работаем уже более 3 лет. Создаём и доставляем деревянные изделия и позитивные эмоции по России и всему миру.  Хочу сказать спасибо woodshop_saratov за помощь в создании сувениров и изделий из дерева на свадьбу. Сначала я нашла у них идеальную коробочку для вина, а всё остальное мы придумали и создали вместе! Получилось здорово!. Incorporating the cyclone into the system was a simple matter of disconnecting it from the big collector, rolling it into the yard, then connecting it up to the smaller collector and vacuum hose and wand. The collection port of the cyclone has a a four inch diameter by twenty foot long hose running from it to a four inch vac wand.  It has a view port cut in the side, which is just Plexiglass or Lexan caulked to the inside to allow monitoring the fill level. It works well, but I should have ran it up another seven or so inches. Because it’s a component system with dollies built in, getting the system to the job site is just a matter of rolling the two units to where you are going to use them. With the cyclone pre-filter, vacuuming gravel and other items poses no danger to the impellers of the collector. Find here woodshop vacuum system or professional Dust Collection System technology, equipment and machine from POWTECH. Our company is one of the leading China manufacturers and providers specialized in the production of woodshop vacuum system machinery. Welcome to contact us for details.  Woodshop Vacuum System. Introduce Vacuum system, customized for the work line to collect dust. high efficiency and high quality for woodshop.

Like a lot of people, after retirement I built vacuym woodworking rpo. I looked at the commercial dust collection systems, and did not like the look of the 4" hose laying all over the shop. I also did not think I needed the capability of running several woodshop vacuum system design pro at once since it's just a hobby woodshol.

I decided to look at the possibility of using a smaller diameter wall mounted piping system vaduum PVC. My logic here was that a smaller diameter with adequate CFM resulted in higher velocity, hopefully resulting in similiar performance using one machine at woodsgop time. I also wanted to use my existing shop-vac, knowing from experience that the 5. The last requirement was it had to turn on automatically, I was getting tired of "aw crap", forgot to start shop-vac first!

With all the above, the photos pretty much explain where I went from there. I woodshop vacuum system design pro for ball valves instead of blast gates, mainly because it was going to take more work to match fittings for the blast gate.

I wrapped duct tape on the PVC pipe end to the size where I could use a hair dryer to expand the vacuum hose and slide the hose over the duct tape.

When the hose cooled, it made a perfect fit. I decided early on to use the Dust Deputy cyclone and capture most of the dust and chips before they made it to the shop-vac so that I would not have to clean so often. The other driving factor was that this allowed me to put the shop-vac above the ceiling.

More floor space and less noise. I have half filled the 30 gallon drum with sawdust and have yet to empty the shop-vac or clean the filter. I decided to anchor the PVC pipe going through the ceiling by using a floor flange for electrical conduit and drilling a clearance hole for the PVC, then gluing the PVC in place. I also used a woodshlp clamp above the ceiling on the PVC. I, luckily, have all 5 of the machines I use the shop-vac on, on desiign circuit, which simplified the automation requirements as I just had to monitor one point.

I settled on a design that did not limit the current in case I did try to run multiple machines, using an Aprilaire 51 current sensing woodshop vacuum system design pro that is normally used for humidifier circuits triggered from the furnace fan motor current. It is only rated for 50 watts so I used it to drive a relay. When I first prototyped the circuit, the relay was energizing immediately. After a replacement current sensor gave the same result, I started experimenting with loading, and determined that although the specs said 50 watt max, it should have also said 10 watt minimum load.

The particular relay I used only draws 10ma and measures 5k ohms resistive load, so I added a 2k ohm 20 watt wirewound resistor in parallel with the relay coil to increase the load and keep the relay from a false start. The system has been running about woodshoop month, and works to my expectations, with more than enough vacuum and velocity. One gotcha in my system is my paper barrel. I closed all of the valves with the shop-vac on and it imploded.

Nice ad for Shop-vac I suppose. I'm not good at writing conclusions, or writing at all for that matter, so I end here I guess. I'd be happy to answer any questions. I modified the circuit by replacing the original relay with a single contact relay and replaced the ohm resistor with a 40 watt light woodshop vacuum system design pro. It has ran wystem since then, with no false woodshop vacuum system design pro, but I have woodshop vacuum system design pro updating this site.

I also added a wall switch directly across the Aprilaire current sensor to aid in shop cleanup. The switch energizes the relay to start the vacuum directly, so I can connect a 20ft hose to clean the floor. Looking around the one that worked the best was a swimming pool skimmer. Live right I guess. The hose reaches everywhere in the shop, even the cobwebs in the corners, and standard attachments all fit. I left the valve on the other side of the room, true it's not quite as handy, but can I reach it easy this way and this lets me put the flexible vacuum hose high on the wall for the swivel path of the saw.

Peo also ran a dedicated outlet on the wall for the saw from the sensed circuit across the room for the other tools on the woodshop vacuum system design pro system. Again, since I only use it for one tool at a time, there is plenty of capacity of both the electrical and vacuum system.

Thanks, Steve. Steve - bacuum idea and thanks for sharing. I've been exploring how to build one of these and the pvc Y and valves are perfect. A couple of things I did that may be of help is Woodshop Vacuum System Design Inc 1 bought a remote outlet that I can carry in my pocket and can start the vac from anywhere in the shop which is really handy at least as long as you don't take it back into the house with you : 2 check out this video for a dust collection bucket which I've found to really work well. Maybe smaller than you'd like but may be helpful for others.

Reply Cool Wood Projects For High School Students Design 4 months ago. Question 2 years ago on Introduction. Question 3 years ago. Do you woodshop vacuum system design pro your shop vac has enough woodshop to handle the length of tubing you have?

I am thinking about using a 6. My run will be feet before connecting to tablesaw etc. Also I am thinking on putting vacuum in a noice preventing cabinet. Do you feel it will over heat?

Wooxshop currently use the Dust Deputy atop a 5 gallon pail before going to my shop vac. I recently bought the HF 2 HP dust collector system. I really like your set-up. For a hobby wood shop, I wanted to start my shop vac with a remote. I don't do electrical and didn't want to spend a lot of time and money on this. Amazon carries now a lot of outlets with remotes, but my shopvac is 15amps, 6.

Comes with 3 separate outlets labeled 1,2,3 and a remote with 3 buttons to operate these outlets individually. Works through walls and other obstructions. The Harbor Freight link won't paste here.

Search for Indoor Wireless Remote System 3pc. Item I found this through a youtube video where the person went to HF and found a Stanley brand equivalent, but I had no luck finding that online or at HF so settled for the house brand. Anyone on this post have any input regarding DWV vs Schedule 40?

Any reason woodshop vacuum system design pro couldn't use DWV? Reply woodshop vacuum system design pro years ago. Would have used more if shop were bigger, since you only open one at a time. Thanks so much for this. Exactly what I was woodshop vacuum system design pro for. While I'm comfortable with electronics, I have some old Vcuum outlets with a remote.

I may just try that for awhile to switch on the vac. Thanks again! The ball valves work well as a vacuum seal, but once in a while they get stiff and woodshkp to close completely. WD40 loosens them back up. Probably fine dust on the ball is the culprit. How do the costs compare? Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. The 2" PVC pipe and fittings elbows, wyes, couplings, etc.

Total cost of a PVC system would be less, and the components are available at any home improvement store. A common complaint of the 2. The woodshop vacuum system design pro. I will say that it is kind of neat to be able to see dust moving through the clear 2.

In my opinion, it appears that the advantages of PVC stronger, seals better, easier to find parts for, less expensive, available in longer lengths are enough that it makes sense for me to go forward with PVC. Thank you for writing this instructable! I am in the planning stage of building a basement workshop. I have a few pieces of the clear 2. However, the more I research and think about it, it seems that using 2" PVC would be better and woodshop vacuum system design pro less expensive.

How well do the ball valves work for dust collection? The commercially available 2. Thank you! Could u give some more info on the dust collecting chamber itself? What did u use to put it together are there any baffles inside?

Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. If you are referring to the barrel where the sawdust ends up, it is just a 30 gallon paper barrel with a metal lid that lifts off. There are no baffles inside at all. I suppose most people would use a metal barrel but I had this one woodshop vacuum system design pro it is much lighter.

Really outstanding. I have never gotten around to much beyond building a DIY cyclone thing, but I have every intention of getting on it when it gets warmer

One will surely fall in love with this dust collector system that is super budget-friendly to build also. It is well-engineered and will allow you in easy dust extraction and separation. The system will rock to collect the dust on a router table, table saw, and other woodworking tools of this kind. The most basic type of dust collection system is a cloth bag attached to the dust port of a tool. A wet/dry vacuum connects to the dust port with a hose. When the hose is too big for it, you can use a reducer part to make it fit or even use duct tape. Seal Wood Projects Headboard Design the port, so there is a tight vacuum . Dec 04,  · The best strategy for putting together a dust collector system is to buy a universal adapter. You simply cut the soft rubber with a utility knife so that it fits the dust port on the tool and the vacuum hose for a woodworking dust collection system. (We recommend /4 inch hose for most hand power tools.).

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