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End to end turning, or spindle turning will have the best results by using a spindle gouge. Likewise, the blades work very well. Woodturning with carbide tools videos to most common means of sharpening cabide tools is with a bench grinder. Posted in: Woodturning turningbowlwoodturninglathespindle. Boy, am I enjoying myself now. Robert Sorby 2 Items 2.

We are making new friends and connections in Europe and around the world. Here is our recent press release in Denmark!

Exciting updates and news to come! Creating a Community of Woodturners! Azcarbide has worked hard to assemble and centralize a community of friends and woodturners on social media. We have aimed and built an online community of professionals, artists, craftsmen, and hobby woodturners and wood workers from the ground up.

We post the latest in this exciting new line of tools and other news, specials, giveaways, and events. Delivered right to your post feed! We will be updating our events calendar to make it even easier to stay informed.

All by bringing together good people who share the same passion in all things woodturning and woodturning technology. Help us grow and contribute to the online community by liking and following AZCarbide on Facebook See you there! Reset Password Lost your password? So, you need to have a proper hollowing tool for exploring hollow-forms and deep hollowing.

Having the perfect and right tool would make the job much easier and more pleasant. Moreover, if you get the right hollowing tool, your turning job becomes much safer too. That is why; we have mentioned some of the best woodturning hollowing tools to make your job easy and pleasant. You can select any of these tools as all of them are presented hereafter a thorough research.

If you are in search of great lathe tools for small delicate hollowing work, then this set is for you. With its carbide-tipped hollowing tool, you can use them for making small Christmas ornaments and other small hollowed-out items. Moreover, the overall tool measure 15 inches that includes 10 inches handle and a 5 inches blade. The handle is comfortable and comes with a good grip. Likewise, the blades work very well. Other than that, the set includes a hex wrench, wooden storage case, and instructions.

The wooden storage case ensures the safety and proper storage of the tools. So, if you need a small set, then this one is for you. It is ideal for mini vases and bowls and is actually worth the price. This is an easy to use hollower that makes your woodturning job much easier. The material toolbar is made from CNC machined stainless steel that increases stability and shock resistance. However, the handle comes with an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable during woodturning.

Moreover, the handle provides a good grip. Similarly, the carbide cutter is also made of high-quality tungsten increasing its overall life. Thus, if you need an easy to use hollower, you should definitely go for this set. It provides you highly simple learning curving when turning. There are literally no complicated angles to learn and remember. The overall length of the tool is Shortly, this is a great set with great durability. Here comes an extremely well-made and solid swan neck hollower carbide lathe tool.

Which tools do you recommend for Wand Making? Thank you, Carli. End to end turning, or spindle turning will have the best results by using a spindle gouge. You can also Carbide Woodturning Tools Reviews Login use carbide scrapers, but remember they will be scraping vs. Have fun! Maybe off on a tangent but I started routing with hss bits. I replaced them often. I tried carbide bits and never went back to hss bits. That all seems fine and good and would be if the shape and performance of the tools were equal.

However, they are not. The perpendicular scraping action of the carbide tools does not leave a final surface as smooth as a HSS bowl gouge does. Then it will be the best of both worlds. Thanks for all the sound advice Kent. Carbide, Hss and Hss with titanium coating. Would be great if you could do a YouTube review in the near future. Thank you! I have both. I am learning. Somewhat better with the newer carbide tools. Check out my YouTube channel. I am developing online training courses that will take you step-by-step through the entire bowl turning process, including understanding, supported wood grain cuts, and bowl gouge use.

Each lesson will have comments and responses to add to the learning. Stay tuned. Then it will be followed by the Wood Bowl Turning Course. There are a couple of errors in the article. The first one is cost of Carbide compared to Conventional tools. Whilst you can no doubt pay more for carbide tools many of them are much cheaper than HSS. Indeed, lots of folks have made their own which reduces the cost to a fraction of HSS tools.

The second is cut versus scrape. Yes flat carbide does scrape in the same way as a traditional HSS scraper does. Whilst they may not produce the long strings of wood that say a bowl gouge does they still cut the wood. We could also differ on quality of finish. If used in shear mode you can get a good finish with carbide.

A full set of three different sized, quality bowl gouges is still less than the carbide set. And you are right, a quality expensive tool, if used poorly, can make terrible cuts, and a cheap homemade tool, if used well can produce a great final surface.

Again, I repeat, use what works best for you. If you are using carbide scrapers and getting the results you desire, then stick with it. If, however, you are learning and want to improve your turning skills and have the most options available, then traditional tools are the ideal goal. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Carbide Inferiority Complex For some reason, probably ego, some traditional wood bowls turners seem to look down on turners using carbide scrapers.

Origin Story Before I started turning wood bowls, I was fascinated with the idea of turning a wood bowl. I was hooked and now needed to turn more! Fast Forward After turning my first bowl, I still felt I needed to learn much more before I committed to purchasing a lathe and other gear. Carbide Turning Tools Advantages Carbide tools are ready to use out of the box.

Carbide Turning Tools Disadvantages The most significant disadvantage of carbide tools is the fact they are scrapers. November Hi Drake, Thanks for writing. Learned a lot of this tutorials. Thanks, Luc Happy Turning to you, Kent. I need one-on-one instruction!

Hello Dennis, I hear you!

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