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Typically, however, our tables are around 15,, DKK in oak and 3 meters long. This is why we are very strict with quality and supervison within the production proces. When you decorate your home with wood furniture, you invite nature itself inside your home, thereby creating an atmosphere of life, warmth, natural charm and sustainability. Skip to main content. Be your own designer: Of your dream-plank table. We know that foreign wood-types can also bring characteristics of which people love.

We mostly work with Danish wood types, particularly oak, and for this purpose, we grow our own oak forest. However, we are one of the few companies in Denmark that offer tables made of Danish elm. The reason for this is because we have been lucky to get our hands on a large stock of elm from before the outbreak of Dutch elm disease. Actona Company A/S - Offers a range of products including beds, children's furniture, dining chairs and coffee tables. Based in Denmark. Akva Waterbeds A/S - A company that manufactures a range of waterbeds. Located in Denmark. BENI Furniture & Equipment - Offers a range of products including tables, chairs, coffee tables, stand-up desks, shoe cabinets and more. WOODWORK FURNITURE. 1, likes. Furniture and Home Decors5/5.

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