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Junior Certificate Wood Projects. First Years introduction to Woodwork in We saw the use of a CNC router, cube testing of concrete, soil sampling, site surveying, roofing methods, use of ICT in interior design, etc. September We are delighted Junior Cert Woodwork Projects 2020 Cra to be back in our Wood Room, here are some photos of our first years getting stuck in to some practical work! Miguel Marzo from Spain spent 6 weeks with us in Scoil Pol, he had never done Woodwork before and eventhough he had very little English he completed this decorative piece of Parquetry. Wood

Your cover page should containthe title of your project, a picture of your project and your exam number. Contents Page. This should give the main headings of your portfolio and the pages they can be found upon. Brief ( sentences). The design brief of the project you selected. For example if you had chosen aFile Size: 30KB. Materials Technology Wood Design Folio On your title page include the following; 1. Higher/Ordinary Level 2. Design Brief No. 1, 2 or 3 3. Your Name and Exam No. 4. A photo of your finished project used as a watermark or central image looks good. 5. Decide on a text style and sizing to use and keep these consistent throughout the folio 6. Feb 02,  · Project Evaluations: Student projects will be evaluated accordingly. Please see the “project evaluation form” in the appendix for further detail. 25% = Project Preparation/Drafting Plans. 25% = Project Construction. 25% = Finish (sanding, stain, .

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