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I thickness all of my material by hand, and have never needed a tail vice. The bench builder had incorporated rectangular dog holes aligned with wagon vises the full length of the bench. Besides, it features a rapid nut mechanism that lets you do faster to clamping and reposition of workpieces. But will I? A planing spike in my opinion should always be made. I do use a Veritas planing stop, but Fine Woodworking Hall Table Flutter for thin stock I need to put something under the stock to prevent the plane iron from hitting the stop. The pre-drilled holes in this tool allow for faster and easier mounting on a workbench.

Mar 23,  · A woodworking vice is not an essential feature of this. Typically though Diy Woodworking Table Legs 5g we can expect to see two vices on a workbench today. One will be installed on the front of the bench, towards the left. We tend to call this the face vice. The second will be at the end of the workbench, on the right. We can refer to this as the tail vice. Woodworking Vices Investing the time and effort to select and fit a good quality bench vice will pay continuous dividends throughout your woodworking career. With the bench vice installed and bolted firmly into place, your ability to hold the workpiece securely in an appropriate position for the task at hand should become second nature.

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