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Here you can vote for our next review. We ran it bagging concrete dust as well as bagless for water cleanup. Table of Contents. It can be used in a semi-handheld configuration with its included tools and accessories, including an upholstery tool and a soft-bristle brush, which makes it easier to clean furniture or other delicate surfaces. Especially if you're going to be cleaning up hard-to-reach corners, you'll need a hose that will be able to snake its way in. If the need arises that you need a bucket for mopping the floor of your workshop, you can always convert the base of your shop Vac into a helpful bucket.

Dec 21,  · Our best shop vac reviews cover the gamut from compact models to larger vacuums destined for woodworkers in the shop. So what makes a good wet-dry shop vacuum? It depends on your needs. It’s going to be a balance of portability, airflow (CFM), suction power (water lift), and capacity for the most part. Feb 25, Fine Woodworking Bench Vise Reviews 2019  · The best vacuum for hardwood floors that we've tested is the Miele Complete C3 Alize PowerLine. This corded canister model is a great option for hardwood floors since it does a fantastic job of clearing everything from pet hair to chunks of Yost Woodworking Vise Review York cereal on bare, flat surfaces.

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