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The natural yellowing of nitrocellulose lacquer bespeaks the age of a piece of furniture, and sometimes it's yellpwing woodwork yellowing questions accept it yellowingg a feature. As a landscape builder, he helped establish two gardening companies. Cutting Edge Decor. Improve this answer. I can use a… Read more ». Eight weeks ago I gloss the woodwork in my house but the paint is turning yellow already. To avoid any woodwork yellowing in the first place, try using woodwork yellowing questions latex paint instead of an oil-based one.

You can attempt to clean your woodwork, expose it to more light, and even go right to covering it with another finish.

You can attempt some basic cleaning for wood that has gone yellow with mild to moderate stains. For stubborn, advanced yellow stains, you can try a more in-depth cleaning technique. Time to open those blinds! This time around, be sure to use quality products. Try applying a coat of interior-grade latex paint or primer and let it dry. Then, protect it with a coat of sealant or varnish. The sealant and varnish should further protect the new paint from yellowing on your woodwork.

Make sure to properly clean, sand and seal your woodwork before working with it further. This will prevent any yellows from seeping through the woodwork, and from seeping through any paints and varnishes.

Like we discussed, oil-based paints have chemicals in them that have a tendency to yellow over time. To avoid any woodwork yellowing in the first place, try using a latex paint instead of an oil-based one.

Coating your woodwork in a layer or two of urethane or polyurethane varnish or polish can help avoid any yellowing. As you have probably learned by now, light is a big friend of woodwork that helps it not yellow.

After our first section, this probably goes without saying. To keep your woodwork from yellowing in the first place, make sure you avoid exposing it to moisture, cigarette smoke, ammonia and grease. Be especially wary of kitchens and bathrooms in your home — moisture and grease tend to accumulate there.

I've been building things for many years, and I want to share what I've learned to try and help whoever I can. Make sure to checkout the homepage for my most read posts! Changing the wood stain from a darker shade to a lighter one is fairly easy.

First you remove the current stain. Next you sand down the wood. Finally, you Painting new wood items, and even repurposing old wood items, is a common DIY project, and priming the wood before painting is necessary for a beautiful and well-done finished project. What are Skip to content Those who are professional or amateur woodworkers or anywhere in between have likely encountered a common problem: woodwork turning yellow.

Chemicals in the Products Woodwork can turn yellow simply due to the chemicals in the paint or finisher used on it. Exposure to Fine Woodworking On Joinery Questions Moisture Unfortunately, a lot of exposure to moisture can cause your woodwork to be yellow. Exposure to Cigarette Smoke Exposure to cigarette smoke can also damage and yellow your woodwork. Exposure to Ammonia Unfortunately, ammonia is also an enemy of the woodwork. Not Enough Exposure to Light As it turns out, light — both natural and artificial — significantly slows down the chances of woodwork going yellow.

Attempt Some Basic Cleaning You can attempt some basic cleaning for wood that has gone yellow with mild to moderate stains. Put your solution in a spray bottle. Spray your woodwork with the mixture. Scrub the surface in slow circular motion.

Dry the woodwork off with a clean, dry rag. Attempt Some More In-Depth Cleaning For stubborn, advanced yellow stains, you can try a more in-depth cleaning technique.

I'm building a jewelry box for my girlfriend for Christmas. I'm looking to flock the inside the drawers, and the inside top half, where necklaces will hang. I'm curious how much setup time I have for the adhesive, if I can spread the adhesive and lay the flocking all at once or if I should do it in sections?

I am working on a project and need to make an angled cut, but do not have a bandsaw to make the 70 degree point. I am thinking I can use my table saw with the blade tilted. Or, with it on its tall side and use the miter gauge. Any guidance or pointers? How do I go about getting square material without a jointer or a thickness planer?

I have a table saw, circular saw, and various cordless tools. Thanks in advance for any help. What kind of blade should I get? My shop is about square feet; the third stall in my three Fathers Day Woodworking Ideas Questions car garage. Can you point me in the right direction on… Read more ». Question: In Ontario, Canada, I have free fallen trees cut down by the city to walk away with.

How long is too long to consider fallen wood to be not green enough for re-sawing? The trees have been down two winters.

What tools and blades will do the job? Submitted by anonymous Answer: It can… Read more ».

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