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Become A Member. In the beginning, we created and delivered the content woodworkers want right to their mailbox in the form of DVDs. He currently designs and builds furniture and writes woodworking articles for woodworking magazines and custom publications. You know that…. The idea is to make a wooden representation of a traditional quilt square. Barnboard quilts are VERY fun projects. He sells his work locally and nationally.

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With GOLD Membership get exclusive access to ask our experts any woodworking questions you might have. Got a project you are stuck on? Back to Top. Ethan Abramson opened the doors on his New York based company, Ethan Abramson Furniture in , founded on the principles of building American made pieces using a blend of classic and modern techniques. His award winning furniture can now be found in stores and museums across the country, as well as featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, and many other publications.

Alongside building furniture, Ethan also teaches woodworking classes and gives talks on the industry. His work can be seen at www. Seth Keller designs and builds custom furniture in St. Paul, Minnesota. He sells his work locally and nationally. His furniture skills are mostly self-taught, with the guidance of many mentors. Seth ascribes to the maxim that making mistakes is the best way to acquire knowledge. David Munkittrick lives in western Wisconsin and has been woodworking as a professional woodworker for 25 years.

His property contains an old pig barn that he retrofitted to use as a woodwork shop. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to write numerous magazine articles for various publications on woodworking Woodworkers Guild Of America Plans Unit and home improvement.

His passion is to build furniture and cabinets and tell the world of his experiences. He is continually amazed at the breadth and depth of Woodworkers Guild Of America 2 Membership No woodworking throughout the world we live in.

He sees his job as helping others get the information they need to develop their skills, make wise buying decisions and make their woodworking endeavors a success. David Radtke is a custom cabinetmaker, woodworker, home design consultant and freelance writer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Design There are lots of options for a barnboard quilt design. Chamfering wood with a hand plane is a great way to coax the wood into a more interesting shape, removing the harsh crisp edges that have been left behind by cutting tools.

The chamfer creates a more inviting texture on the wood, and also brings out visually pleasing variations in how light reflects off the…. How do you know where to put them so that the spacing is even between each drawer as well as the top and bottom of the case opening? You know that…. If you build a project that requires angled legs, such as a bench, stool, or similar, you will have to come up with a method for Woodworkers Guild Of America Premium Membership Store drilling angled holes to receive the angled legs.

Turning a natural form on a lathe, and keeping the bark and natural tree profile intact as you rough out and shape the bowl is a satisfying process. While live edge bowl turning is extremely fun, for people who are new to this art form, there can be some intimidation about the sequence of events. Resawing is a great way to efficiently size your lumber to the desired thickness, and unlike planing to thickness which causes you to destroy the portion that you remove, with a resaw cut you can utilize both pieces.

You can resaw narrow boards on a table saw, and wider boards on a Woodworkers Guild Of America Premium Membership Video bandsaw if yours…. An out-of-balance bandsaw wheel, whether upper or lower, can cause you problems in a number of areas. First, it can produce excessive wear and tear on the machine, as the vibration can loosen bolts, transmit to the motor, and cause accelerated deterioration of important items such as bearings and tires. Also, the vibrating bandsaw wheel…. This video gives you everything you need to know to get started making pens in your shop.

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