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Resaw Shortcut Tip Using a Table Saw and Bandsaw Resawing is a great way to efficiently size your lumber to the desired thickness, and unlike planing to thickness which causes you to destroy the portion that you remove, with a resaw cut you can utilize both pieces. Woodworkers guild of america premium membership video a wood handle for an ice cream scoop, bottle opener, or similar project is a great way to provide beauty to an otherwise mundane piece. Library of Premium Woodworking Plans and Projects Enjoy top quality plans and projects at your fingertips, for when you are ready for your next project. Privacy Policy. It's time to make more sawdust! Bore using drill chuck.

Of course making the work piece round is the first step with any turning project, and so it applies to turning a wood handle. Determine your end diameter. You will want to turn the size of your wood handle so that it matches the size of the hardware piece exactly. Bore using drill chuck.

Typically this requires a 2 Morse taper, but be sure to get the right size for your lathe. Once you have this you will find that it comes in handy on a number of projects. George demonstrates his technique for remounting the handle to the lathe after you have drilled the hole and parted off the turned wood handle. You will be amazed how well this approach works, and helps you turn a wood handle with greater precision and more efficiently. After you complete your turned handle, you will be ready for more turning projects such as this wooden spatula.

Bending wood is one of those techniques that can have a dramatic effect on a woodworking project, but many woodworkers shy away from it because it seems intimidating. Watch this demonstration by our expert woodworker George Vondriska to learn a simple, worry-free approach to bending wood quickly using a heated iron pipe.

So master woodworker George Vondriska shows you how to avoid this devastating problem when completing your woodworking projects by using a technique on a dovetail jig called climb cutting. Seeing is believing! For more information about impact drivers check out the related impact driver product review. Router bit collets do wear out, but it can be difficult to tell when.

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