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It has a reputation as one of the best-performing wood vises out there. I will make a few adjustments though with a wider thread bar and solid guide rails Diy Folding Woodworking Bench Test as mentioned in previous comments but your idea is great and i will definitely be adding this to my workshop! Hi Norbert, It really is incredible just how strong a wooden thread can be, particularly when you think of its grain orientation. Even older than old Records. Love your down-to-earth approach to workbenches, Richard, as an antidote to Fixing Woodworking Vise To Bench Zip the dominant American gadget and fad-driven approaches.

To paint the vise, I removed the lead screw by taking out the retaining screws that work with the keeper: I gave the vise two coats of oil based Woodworking Bench Vise Parts Name polyurethane and let it dry overnight: The next day, I bolted it down to my workbench using 3/8″ lag bolts: Ready for action. I made a video of the build showing all of the details from beginning to end. The top has four rows of bench-dog holes bored into it. Specialized hardware called bench dogs fit into these holes, and when combined with other accessories and our Yost woodworking vise, the benchtop can hold a workpiece of just about any shape or reasonable size How 32 pins. Mar 19,  · DIY Woodworking Vise: I'm moving my workshop from the cellar into the garage to have more space. I built my own workbench and what's still missing, is Woodworking Bench Vise Harbor Freight Zero a woodworking vise. There are several vise sets online, but I want to build my own one. In this Instructable you can fol.

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