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It easily helps drill pilot holes and drive woodworking ideas for gifts tw screws without having to carry two drills or manually switching ideaz the bit each time! While you and your friends race to match the 26 card pairs, your woodcutter can admire the eye-catching designs so intrinsic to their work. Even the color is meant to hide sawdust. After that, flatten one side on a jointer, then crosscut the block to get the perfect shape. Festool Mobile Workshop. Not only this but woodworkinng plane is mega easy to use and features a simple screw to adjust the blade woodworking ideas for gifts tw planing has never been this simple! You can choose to add their name to be specially written on the ornament as well as the year.

Store pirate jewels, gold, or embarrassing memories in a gorgeous, secure lockbox worthy of Davy Jones himself. The Treasure Box is available in a range of sizes, each built to the same high standard and bearing similar flashy gold finishes.

If your carpenter is searching for a new home for their projects or their beloved tools, the Treasure Box may just be the perfect gift for your matey.

The Wood Mug is an example of such a simple delight — with a rough-cut exterior revealing beautiful wood grain, the mug is the ultimate all-natural vessel. The eco-conscious mind can take solace in the natural, sustainable, eco-friendly construction of the mug; the adventurer will appreciate the lightweight design and impressive durability.

For the woodworker who crafts out of love for their natural world, the Wood Mug is the ideal gift for their next special day. Woodworkers get a bad reputation for being rough and simple-minded. In truth, woodworking is an exacting art that can take decades to truly master. Any woodworker who has ever been looked down on for their craft is sure to be inspired by the meticulous design of this handmade clock, and upon completion can take pride in the skill and patience that it exemplifies.

The awesome clock is a unique gift for the experienced woodworker with the time and patience to construct an eye-catching work of art. Like space itself, Wooden Space Toys may look simple at first glance but hold infinite possibilities to the creative mind. Each piece of the wooden space toy is cut precisely and then sanded down for a satisfyingly smooth finish that shows off the gorgeous appearance of the solid beech.

While the individual pieces can pose a choking hazard to the youngest woodworkers, those old enough to craft responsibly will take please in building, re-building, and re-imagining their space-themed constructs. Know a child with a love for space? Then you know a child who will adore a gift of the Wooden Space Toys. The Pull Saw is an eastern equivalent to the classic European saw, so the chances are good that your local woodworker has never had the chance to work with one such tool.

When it comes to sawing and sanding, every millimeter is vital. One wrong measurement can mean the difference between creating a work of art or just more fuel for the fire pit. The Digital Tape Measure can help. By electronically displaying the distance indicated by the tape, the eTape16 reduces the chance of human error producing a faulty measurement, guaranteeing that each cut is lined up perfectly.

For the forgetful woodworker, there is no greater gift than the basic but significant work of the digital taper. Ask no longer! Best Gifts For Woodworkers. Woodworking Square Size Measure Ruler. Carpenter Pencil. Kevlar Arm Sleeves. Big Horn Rotape Beam Compass. Wood Carving Bird Kit. M Power Point 2 Point Mk2. Milescraft Rolling Knee Pads. Micro Jig Advanced 3D Pushblock. Festool Mobile Workshop.

WoodRiver 92 Medium Shoulder Plane. Mininch Premium Tool Pen. Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter. Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag. Maxcraft Stubby Claw Hammer. Qualcraft Pump Jack. Woodman's Pal Multi-Use Axe.

Zippo Saw Axe. Timber Tuff Straight Draw Shave. Logosol Manual Log Splitter. Wood Carvers Sharpener. Handheld Router Plane. CH Hanson Pivot Square. Woodcut Memory Game. Tumi Ishi Wood Rock Set. Wooden Robotic Hand Kit. Wooden Pirate Treasure Chest Box. Handcrafted Wood Camp Mug.

Timeless Design Spaceship Building Blocks. Japanese Style Pull Saw. Related Posts. Transparency Disclosure. Blog Privacy Police Affiliate Disclosure. Design by Geartry. Enable registration in settings - general. Why go old school when you can have a digital protractor!

It is used to measure angles between cuts of boards. I love the improved accuracy! I recently got this Japanese pull saw and it is great for quick flush cuts! It is super light and the handle has a great grip! This little gadget measures angles and can be used on blades of saws — miter saw, table saw etc.

Accuracy is alw89ays a woodworkers best friend! This circle cutting jig makes it super easy to cut circles with a router. This ear protection with bluetooth is a great way to stream music or podcasts in the workshop and block out all the noisy tools at the same time for much-needed ear protection.

Safety is most important with any power tool! One of the most important parts of building anything is making sure the project is square. This corner clamping jig makes it easy to get everything square. I use it all the time… especially while building drawers. We have talked about ear and hand safety and these gloves are the perfect pair to keep fingers protected from all those splinters. It easily helps drill pilot holes and drive the screws without having to carry two drills or manually switching out the bit each time!

Pocket holes are a great quick way to join wood. They may already have a larger pocket hole system, but this little Kreg system packs a whole lot of bang! It makes it easier to work with larger boards. Trust me, they will love it! Keep them excited for a new gift every month with a subscription to the Craftsman Crate — they get a complete kit with real tools to make a hands-on project!

Take a look at more designs and get them T-shirts that they will love to wear and show off inside or outside the workshop! There are mugs too! AND hoodies to work in the shop on a cool day! If you need more ideas, be sure to check out my list of gift ideas for DIYers and Woodworkers! I keep adding more items as I come across them so it is always updated!

Need to buy a larger tool? Take a look at my ultimate gift guide for DIYers! Your post really has opened my eyes to some neat gift ideas for my hubby. Happy Holiday Season, Kippi. Lots of tools in their workshop are loud enough to cause hearing damage over time so help protect their ears effectively and comfortably with the 3M Peltor X5A.

The X5A model has the highest-rated protection of the Peltor over the head muffs at 31 decibels, meaning that the muffs reduce a sound by 31 decibels which can be enough to bring some power tools down out of the damaging range into a safer level. They also recommend the Peltor line of ear protection.

Spoil them this year with a gadget that will make the rest of their year easier. This professional Bosch laser measuring tool replaces their old measuring tape. As a laser, it eliminates some of the common measuring errors that can happen with traditional measuring tapes like the tape slipping or not being exactly straight. There is less bending and reaching with this digital measuring tape which can save a lot of time and back strain.

The black, backlit display with white text makes it much more readable in the sun than other models that use black text on white. Beyond taking simple measurements this device has loads of functions like digital leveling, angles, volume, indirect measurements, and real-time measuring that adjusts instantaneously as you move closer or farther from the target. Does anyone ever have enough pegboard bins?

The answer is no. These are a nice neutral black and come with color-coded labels. They are compatible with metal and non-metal boards. Dust collection machines can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars but the Dust Deputy is a dust capture system that works with your existing shop vac. This is better for the life of your vacuum, reduces the need for filter cleaning and replacement, and makes it easier to contain and dispose of woodworking dust.

The Dust Deputy uses a two-stage system to prevent dust from reaching your vacuum and can work with dry and wet dust. Both the fine and coarse whetstone blocks have a flat side and a side covered in grooves of different sizes.

These specific ridges that are built to work with unique shapes and curves of woodworker chisels and carving tools. The blocks fit into the wooden base with a non-slip bottom making it easy to use. Get them a Custom Wood Branding Iron so they can proudly stamp their name on all of their creations. There are a couple of ways to choose your logo depending on if you want something full custom or one of their pre-designed images with a customized name.

You can either upload a drawing of your own design or choose from 36 images, most of which are woodworking-themed. Contour Gauges are time-saving tools that allow a crafter to take a mold of an area and perfectly trace it without going through all the trouble of measuring each angle individually.

Using a maximum of 5. Its cord is 10 feet long, giving a lot of maneuverability. The dust filter is washable and reusable. It sits on four caster wheels for easy moving, even when loaded down with a full load. This little Center Finder by Tipu saves you time measuring and remeasuring by finding the center of a board quickly and easily. When the paddles are flush against the wood on either side, the center pencil hole will be exactly dead center.

Easy as that. This center finder works on pieces up to 2. If they enjoy woodturning, get them this Ballpoint Pen Woodturning Kit which includes the hardware needed to create eight different ballpoint pens as well as eight wood blanks. These make for impressive gifts so they can show off their woodworking skills.

This Celtic Knot Spoon Carving Kit by BeaverCraft is an all-included set that comes with everything you need to create this impressive spoon.

It comes with detailed instructions, pattern, wooden spoon blank, safety tape, stropping leather, polishing oil, carving knife, and curved spoon knife. Save back strain with the Original Bucket Dolly. It fits most buckets between 3. Locking casters keep the dolly in place where you want it. The pneumatic seat is height-adjustable and comfortable for long hours of use.

It has a weight capacity of pounds. There is practically zero assembly with this Centipede. It sets up and breaks down in seconds. It comes in several sizes as well. This Wall Control Woodworking Tool Organization Kit comes with everything you see except the tools themselves and will help get their workbench tidier and easier to work with. You get three wall-mounting, durable metal pegboards that form this arch shape as well as lots of accessory pegs like the paper towel roll holder and shelf, clamp rack brackets, screwdriver holder, and 20 peg hooks in four different sizes.

It also comes with the mounting hardware for the pegboards themselves. The kit comes in 12 different colors including grey, black, red, orange, pink, and metallic. If the woodworker in your life travels out for jobs, get them this Bucketeer Bucket Organizer from Bucket Boss.

The heavy-duty canvas organizer is waxed to repel moisture and sized to fit five-gallon buckets.

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