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Woodworking materials eso youtube Chest of Drawers. Materials are gathered by looting crates, barrels and sacks, making Dungeons the best method of acquiring lots of Provisioning Materials. There are also lots of other decorative items exclusive to Furnishing Crafting, too. Mounts are also present in the game. After upgrading: -I've gotten more wood mats back than usual after deconstructing. Dark Elf Wine Rack, Sturdy.

The only equipment that matters is max level gear and that is CP Equipment that drops from enemies and in Dungeons corresponds to your level, so for enemies to start dropping CP equipment your character needs to be level 50 and CP at least.

Sets are the most powerful gear you can get as they offer wide variety of powerful bonuses and are crucial for creating powerful end game Builds. Crafting is an important aspect of Elder Scrolls Online because everything crafted for the highest levels is powerful and needed for Veteran Content. Crafting consists of 7 Vocations:. To craft anything you first need the appropriate Materials. To start the crafting process access any Crafting Station.

Crafting Stations offer a wide variety of options. Enchanting, Alchemy and Provisioning can start crafting immediately, as long as recipes and proper combinations are known.

Writs are Daily Quests that can be obtained by visiting notice boards. Writs are unlocked after becoming certified in a chosen vocation. Jewelry Crafting is only available if you have the Summerset Expansion. After completing Writs you will receive bags, coffers or satchels that need to be opened to receive the rewards inside. These can vary from rare improvement materials to equipment that can be sold for increased price or deconstructed for increased Inspiration.

By leveling any crafting vocation new Crafting Skills are unlocked that need to be upgraded with Skill Points. Upgrading these Skills will provide means to level crafting more efficiently, craft far more powerful items and other special bonuses. Depending on your Vocation, some options at Crafting Stations are more useful while leveling while others not so much until CP has been reached.

For example, Researching Traits is recommended to do whenever possible because there is a lot of them and they are required for crafting special Sets crafted only at Special Crafting Stations located in the world usually Caves or Camps, not in Cities.

The improvement option, on the other hand should not be used until CP has been reached since improvement materials are rare and everything below CP will be deconstructed at some point. Dungeons and Trials are PvE content you will be doing often, especially after you have reached end game. There are 3 types of dungeons:. It is highly recommended to do these every day because it helps tremendously in gaining levels fast. Group Dungeons also give 1 Skill Point upon completing the quest received inside the dungeon.

These quests can only be done once per dungeon. Random Daily Dungeon gives huge amount of XP. Trials are Raids designed for 12 people.

Trials have repeatable quests once per week that give coffers with great rewards. Trials are recommended only to those who have reached CP and above. Every Dungeon and Trial has their Veteran counterpart. These are much more challenging then normal and it is not recommended to attempt them until you get solid gear and achieve higher levels CP is recommended.

Fast Travel using Wayshrines is the fastest form of traveling, but it can cost gold if you are not currently at one. It can become extremely expensive if Fast Travel is used in quick succession because the cost goes up almost tenfold.

To avoid such high costs you need to wait a bit before Fast Traveling again, if not at a Wayshrine, or simply ride to the nearest one and then port. There is an alternative solution, which is to simply go to the Friends or Guild tab, right click on any name whose location suits you and choose Travel to Player.

This costs nothing and can often save you a lot of time! Mounts are also present in the game. By visiting Stables in any Major City you are given an option to purchase a horse. More exotic mounts can be bought from the Crown Store or acquired via Crown Crates. Mounts acquired are added to Collections and can be changed from there. Each Mount has a certain amount of storage space, stamina and speed. These are called Riding Skills. Riding Skills are character-based skills affecting Speed , Stamina and Capacity of the mount.

To upgrade Riding Skills, visit any Stables and choose an upgrade. After every upgrade you need to wait for 20h before purchasing another upgrade. These Skill work universally across all Mounts on the same character. Inventory Space is very limited in the beginning but can be upgraded by visiting Pack Merchants located in every Major City. Every subsequent upgrade costs more in game gold. Managing Inventory can be a chore so creating alternate characters is a good way to store some materials or other stuff you do not need at that moment.

Knowing what to do with all these items can go a long way to having enough space. Here are couple of tips that can help with that:. Banks are present in every Major City. Here you can store almost every item type. Banks are account bound, meaning you can take items from the bank with any character on that account. Use banks as much as possible to reduce the hassle of dealing with inventory space.

Your bank space limit can be increased with in game gold or from the Crown Store. Every character can be a member of 5 Guilds simultaneously. Guilds can focus on different things. Here are the Guild types you can join:.

Check Zone chat to see recruiting messages from Guilds and join the ones that suit your needs. Guild Stores are best used with Trading Guilds since there will be many more members actively seeking to buy and sell.

Guild Traders are equivalent of Auction House. Guild Traders can be located at many places in the world but mainly in Major Cities. To list items for sale at Guild Traders your Guild needs to have one available, which usually costs a significant chunk of Gold, as they must be bid on against other competing Guilds. This is often why many of these Guilds have a weekly dues. To join any of these guilds simply talk to the person in charge of their respective guilds. Psijic Order requires the Summerset Expansion to be purchased.

To start playing these stories go to the Collections and switch to Stories Tab, accept quests and have at it. To level up these Skill Lines, specific tasks need to be completed. These tasks vary from Guild to Guild. What every Guild shares in common though, are Story and repeatable quests. Upon reaching level 45, Pledges become available at the Undaunted Guild. Pledges are repeatable daily quests which require of you to complete specific Dungeons.

Rewards for completing these quests are Undaunted Keys that can be used to open 3 different chests at the Undaunted Guild, each offering special rewards in terms of equipment. It is highly recommended to do pledges every day and save these keys until you hit CP and then open chests.

Each Boss drops a specific Helm, which can be farmed, but the Shoulder pieces are somewhat random. There are three different chests you can open with your keys, and each chest has a fixed pool of Shoulders that drop. Be sure to learn what these are so that you are using your keys on the correct chest for the Shoulder you wish to get! Here you can change the look and color of every Armor and Weapon Piece.

When you are done with the changes, confirm by paying with in game Gold or Outfit Tokens that can be purchased in Crown Store. All changes are saved in Outfit Slot 1, but more slots can be purchased in Crown Store.

Outfits are independent of gear equipped, meaning you can change gear all the time without your looks changing at all if Outfit 1 has been chosen on Character Screen. To learn how to unlock all these Styles simply Mouse over any Style you want to use for Outfit and it will be explained. Usually unlocking a Style means acquiring Motifs that drop randomly from Crates, Barrels, Enemies etc, but can sometimes be from special events or from Dungeons.

Colors for dying are unlocked by completing various Achievements. Mousing over dyes at Outfit Stations will show you how to unlock them. In ESO you can have your own House. A small one is given to the Player as a reward for completing the introductory Housing Quest. House sizes vary from Small to Manors and can be Furnished or Unfurnished.

Click on the Housing subtab and preview to travel to your chosen House. You can preview with or without decorations before you decide to purchase. Houses can be decorated with various items you find and craft, ranging from typical furnishings such as beds and chairs to extravagant ones like statues and thrones.

Every Crafting Vocation has a Furnishing option at Crafting Stations, and to craft any Furnishing item you need both the recipe and materials. Recipes can be looted from containers around Tamriel, with Styles usually matching the region, while materials are usually acquired by harvesting material nodes. Full episodes also available at FineWoodworking. Click here to watch.

More to come! Once there, you will be asked to submit your email address to view. Check your local PBS listings for air times. You can view all 13 episodes as a PBS Living subscriber, or purchase access to the full season or episodes separately.

Want to make the chair highlighted in the article? As featured on the above cover. Look for the highlighted Craftsman Dining Chair. Move at your own pace. Freely rewind as many times as you like to make sure you grasp a concept before executing it.

Built the piece or simply watch the videos for fun as well. Also check out the companion Full-size plans , hand-drawn by Tom with all needed specifications indicated, as well as a materials list. Looking to understand overall furniture finishing better? This 2-part video series is a live recorded compilation of a 6 hour event during which Tom shares finishing techniques on woods like cherry, curly maple, white oak, and walnut. Click here for more details Favorite Finishing Methods.

Issue now available online and in stores February , Want to make one? In addition to the article check out this supplemental video produce by Fine Woodworking Magazine on about Handplaning a tapered leg to perfection.

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