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Comparing Planes from Lie-Nielsen, WoodRiver and Stanley. By Tom Begnal May 21, Side view. Bedrock (top), Lie-Nielsen (center), Wood River (bottom). Woodcraft, the Parkersburg, West Virginia company that sells woodworking tools by mail-order and through a national network of retail stores, recently introduced a new line of planes under the WoodRiver name. These planes, made in China, have generated a lot of interest and debate on Knots, our online woodworking forum. You can find a review of WoodRiver planes by Chris Gochnour online and on page 20 of our July/August issue. Buy Lie-Nielsen Collectable Woodworking Planes and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items.  Planes └ Carpentry & Woodworking Tools └ Collectable Tools └ Tools & Collectable Hardware └ Collectables All Categories Antiques Art Baby Books, Comics & Magazines Business, Office & Industrial Cameras & Photography Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles Clothes, Shoes & Accessories Coins Collectables Computers/Tablets & Networking Crafts Dolls & Bears DVDs, Films & TV Events Tickets Garden & Patio Health & Beauty Holidays & Travel Home, Furniture & DIY Jewellery & Watches Mobile Phones & Communication Music Musical Instruments. Lie Nielsen Planes available at Highland Woodworking, authorized Lie Nielsen dealer.  Lie Woodworking Planes Explained 04 Nielsen Hand Planes, crafted in Warren, Maine USA since , are among the finest planes made Woodworking Planes For Sale 2021 in the world today. Lie Nielsen's collection of bench planes, arguably the most beautiful ever made, is the most complete currently in production, from the magnificent No. 8 Jointer plane to the irresistible No. 1. Lie Nielsen also makes the largest collection of block planes, low-angle planes and specialty planes available in more than sixty years. Whether the plane body is Manganese Bronze or Nodular Ductile Iron, the machining and final finish of a Lie Nielsen plane creates a exquisite, f.

Using a plane to shoot wood is usually accomplished by laying a plane on its side, so the cutting iron is presented on the left-hand sole that is now vertical woodworking planes lie nielsen yoga is for a right hander, but would be opposite for a left hander. The wood is usually held up against a fence, to support the work piece, but also to support the fibers on the out-feed side of the cut.

To better describe, the shoot is lower than the surface where the work piece and fence reside. This is where my planes ride, or in other words, its shoot. Now that everyone is hopefully up to speed, lets talk about the planes we use to shoot.

One really critical aspect of any plane used to shoot, is that the side of the plane must be 90 degrees with its sole. The 9 Iron or just 9I was the plane that many saw as the woodworking planes lie nielsen yoga shoot plane, since it has such a large bearing surface. The other plane with a fairly large number of users was the 62 Low Angle Jack. The 62 has a great accessory available, called a hot dogthat allows you to comfortably grasp the plane while shooting.

Much more high tech than it initially appears. Woodworkers have been using both of these planes for many years, with good results, but the recent 51 plane from Lie-Nielsen will likely lead to large numbers of ship-jumpers. Stanley originally made a 51, but they are extremely rare. The 51 is a purpose-made shoot plane, and in my opinion, the best ever.

Unlike the other multi-purpose planes, the 51 has a wooden handle oriented with the intended function of this plane, and is comfortable enough to use for hours. This skewing does a couple of things.

The iron enters the wood by slicing down through the fibers, starting with just a small section of the iron and working down across the remaining iron. It may not sound like a lot of difference, but when using the other planes, the portion of iron that will cut all makes contact with the full width of the wood. Basically, a lot more surface area making contact with the wood on the other planes, which feels like an impact of sorts. Stanley also made a 52 shoot board, that was a perfect fit for their original These original 52s are quite hard to find, but just in case you have one, the Lie-Nielsen 51 will fit it, too.

The 51 will still work just fine in a home made shoot board, but in conjunction with the 52, it makes one heck of a combination. The 51 is presently available, but woodworking planes lie nielsen yoga can at times be limited. Let the end-grain shavings amass! I hope to see some of you at our upcoming events, all listed on the Lie-Nielsen website. Feel free to contact me at lee lie-nielsen.

To take a closer look at the 51 shoot board plane, click here. Lee Laird has enjoyed woodworking for over 20 years. He is retired woodworking planes lie nielsen yoga the U.

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Nov 21,  · I bought the lie Nielsen shoulder plane and block plane from woodcrafters not too long ago. I left them on my bench in the basement for a few days while away. When I returned there was rust on both planes. I gently scrubbed off the rust and applied a paste wax for protection. The hand plane's versatility, accuracy, efficiency, and the sheer pleasure to be had from its use for centuries made it the very symbol of fine tools and fine craft. We offer the best hand planes in the world, including economical planes from Stanley, European and specialty Woodworking Planes Alvin Sellens Joint planes, and the impeccable quality of Lie Nielsen fine hand planes. Edge Floats are used to open and size molding plane wedge mortises; 1/8" for the narrowest wedges, and 3/16" for the thicker wedges. Bed Floats are 1" wide and available in two thicknesses; The 1/8" is best for fitting the iron to the bed of the plane, the 3/16" is great for trimming and final surfacing of chamfers and other work.

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