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If it binds and kicks back that means the back of your fence is closer to the blade than the front of your fence. This free woodworking projects page is courtesy of the Meliz Crafts web site. Woodworking plans bookshelves model Tables. She says flipping the pages and physically holding a book are part of the experience. I like to sneak up on the miter by taking off a little at a time until I get a perfect fit.

I have used some of it and found that the veneer is so thin and if not careful you can sand through it. Have you had any problem with that. Because of that I have gone to using plywood from Menards.

You can use the rebate for other items you might need for your build. Not on to some thing that happened to me that has never happen in my 50 plus years of working with wood. It did not hurt me because I still had a hold of it and my had softened the blow. But scared me. And yes no blade guard on. I never sand with anything tougher than grit on the plywood and have never had any problems.

Nice clean construction and looks good! Wives mind the dust you drag in the house a little less if you keep them supplied with wood projects! Two questions: -Why do you use battery powered Brad nailer instead of pneumatic? I have both, but use the comparatively bulky only in the field when I do not want to lug around the compressor. Think of solidwood door panels.

I have seen many of these shrink expand, even with paint. Why should this be different? Perhas oversized or elongated screw holes would have been more appropriate? I have been in the trade for almost 40 years, but I still pick up some nice tips from you. The material I used was dry poplar which is pretty darn stable to begin with and it was sealed with a couple coats of paint.

BUT keep in mind that these are small boards and not full table tops. Yes, wood moves. And there are times where you need to account for it.

Though, I have the book collection and the woodworking hobby… Robert Jordan was awesome! Hey Jay… First time to your site, took about an hour checking it out, nice work!

Nice shop too! Nice size bookcase and design. The plans are simple, thanks for sharing! I was looking at your walk-through of the custom chalkboard and then saw this. As someone that is looking to make a bookcase just like in the future — this helps a lot. I love the detail and pictures you use to walk us through the 16000 Woodworking Plans Review Model projects.

I struggle with woodworking so finding more about this subject and how to do it properly is great. Also, congrats on how neat and clean the shop looks! I have a much cheaper table saw I am thankful for it, but scared of it , and any time I try to make cuts like you do at in the video, it binds and either stops the blade or tries to shoot back at me. Is there something you recommend I add to my table saw that helps stop this from happening or should I just use a circular saw with a guide?

If it binds and kicks back that means the back of your fence is closer to the blade than the front of your fence. Make sure you measure the fence distance at both the front and back of the blade. Yes absolutely. I always measure front and back.

But I have noticed in videos, something behind the blade, and I only have the blade. Love your videos and projects by the way.

Great stuff. So I just quit doing it. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. All in a single frame. Free Plan: Keepsake Box. Three species of wood—and a bit of aluminum—give this little project lots of visual appeal. Make unique jewelry using only a few tools and some choice pieces from your scrap bin.

In just a weekend, you can whip up enough of these coat racks to organize every entry and closet in the house. Free Plan: Fibonacci Gauge. For thousands of years, architects and artists have followed the principle of the Golden Mean to make designs look just right.

Looking for a strong, simple drawer joint? We show you how to make two types of locking rabbet joints. This handy dispenser keeps all your most commonly used grits of sandpaper within easy reach. A push block doesn't have to be a scrap piece, thrown away after one use. This version is designed with a comfortable, practical handle and a replaceable body.

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