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Space these shelves to suit your books or knick-knacks. Related Posts wall mounted bookcase woodworking plans. Pin It. Secure with a layer of glue and a few brads. At this point, you can insert woodworking plans rotating bookshelf dance small boxes. Well, not quite. So, take your time and build nice, even, square boxes.

With the large boxes built and set aside for the glue to dry, move on to the eight smaller boxes that make up the remaining shelves. If you wish to add shelves to some or all of these small boxes, now is the time to do it.

Space these shelves to suit your books or knick-knacks. Well, not quite. There is still the matter of making the bookcase rotate. To do that, you need to complete some modifications to a few parts. The secret to a large, heavy bookcase rotating smoothly is a strong lazy Susan bearing.

It has the strength for this shelf but still needs mechanical modifications. The bearing comes with a series of plastic feet on each ring, but has screw holes only in the inner race for attaching it to a surface. Because you need to attach the bearing to two surfaces, you need to add holes of your own. Fortunately, this is an easy task. First, remove the feet from the outer ring with a pair of pliers.

When the feet are removed, you will be left with a series of flat-bottomed holes in the ring. With the bearing suitably modified, start building the base.

Glue the MDF ring to the lower base disc, taking care to centre the ring. Hold it in place with a couple of brads until the glue dries. This hole allows you to Free Woodworking Plans Software Engineer drive the screws that attach the lazy Susan bearing to the rest of the unit during assembly later. Next, centre the lazy Susan bearing assembly inside the MDF ring with the countersunk holes you drilled in the outer race facing up. Set everything aside while you build the main body.

Centre each large box on a disc with glue applied to the bottoms of the boxes. Next, reinforce each joint by laying out, drilling and countersinking holes for screws that will pass through the bottom of each disc and into the side panels of each box. If a split appears, apply glue into the crack with the screw in place, and then back out the screw slowly. The crack should close completely on its own, but clamp if required.

Drill a new hole a couple inches back from your first hole and repeat. At this point, you can insert the small boxes. Apply a bit of glue to the top and bottom surfaces of each small box, and slide each one into place so it butts up against a large box, covering the screw heads from the previous step.

Secure the small boxes with a couple of brads, wipe away excess glue with a damp cloth and allow the glue to dry. This attractive cabinet displays books and decorative items on 4 shelves two adjustable for vers. When I find a woodworking plan I like well enough to graduate it to the workshop, I laminate a Skip to main content. Bookcases and Shelving. Hidden-door Bookcase Woodworking Plan. Like a moll in a mystery novel, this beautiful swinger has a secret.

Barrister's Bookcase Woodworking Plan. This early example of modular office furniture still makes it case. Mission Bookcase Woodworking Plan. Heritage Bookcase Woodworking Plan. Display Shelves Woodworking Plan. Build this stellar showcase in a weekend using only fundamental skills.

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