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As soon as he mentioned it, Acd slapped my forehead and…. What I want to talk about are woodworking projects metric acid real world advantages and disadvantages of working with each system in a woodworking shop. The following post on try squares is a perfect example. Having two systems can require a little more work…I know that making two sets of plans for my projects is always a minor hassle. Feature Articles.

Our metric woodworking plans currently include a selection of furniture plans, shop projects, tools, and more. Big results in a small package. Reach for this lightweight sled and make perfect crosscuts every time. This router table serves double duty. It can be a benchtop router table, or a stand-alone router station.

And this elegant hall table is a great way to perfect your bent lamination skills. This project is packed with good looks and comfort. Sketch out your next project on a smooth glass surface that tilts to a comfortable angle.

Two drawers corral all your drawing supplies. In metric, we start with a tiny unit, the millimeter, which is close to a 32nd of an inch. Then we put ten of those together and move up to the centimeter, the next size chunk. Then what happens? Metric jumps all the way to the meter or cm. But the weird thing is that there IS such a measurement, the decimeter! My european friends tell me that centimeters are mostly used for clothing measurements and a few other applications.

This makes a lot of sense and moving forward I am going to make sure all my metric plans are in millimeters only. This leaves us with some big numbers that at least my brain has difficulty processing. Somehow a 5 and a half foot long desk is an elegant way to relate a measurement. A mm desk is accurate and useful, but somehow less graceful and one I would have trouble committing to memory without writing it down. Which of these measurements is easier to remember without jotting down:.

Or better yet, a 16 and three quarter decimeter desktop? A half a decimeter sounds very practical. My proposed decimal inch scale. I propose a hybrid tape measure that uses inches and feet, but breaks the inches into tenths. It would make basic shop arithmetic and division much easier. I could quickly cut a Like almost all American tapes, It has inch designations and foot designations every twelve inches.

One other thing that is handy, especially for those of us who need glasses to see up close, the half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth inch divisions use different lengths of lines. This makes them a little easier to read rather than if there were 16 lines all the same length. In a shop situation, I find myself spending a bit more thinking when using the metric side. Every ten centimeters is marked in red. So if I need to cut a board mm, I need to pull the tape to the red 80 cm mark, then go to the 3 cm mark then count out 8mm.

I think it would be handy of there were a 2mm measurement, so I would propose a quintimeter or pentameter , dividing each centimeter into fifths. This would be accurate enough for most woodworking projects and easier to dial in while actually building a project. My proposed quintimeter ruler. Again, the metric system is universal and much more logical and intuitive, easier to design with, and vastly superior when it comes to adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing and should be the only system used for tech and scientific applications.

But I feel that in the shop and in day to day conversational measurements, imperial has the edge. But that might just be for those of us who are more visually oriented. Having two systems can require a little more work…I know that making two sets of plans for my projects is always a minor hassle. Having two systems of measurement can cause communication errors that might crop up between the two.

But this is mostly hyperbolic. For the most part the two systems seem to coexist in harmony and maybe having both adds a little spice to the world. If you need to convert a measurement, it literally takes a second. Making a small effort to understand and learn both systems can go a long way to keep everybody friendly with each other and make us all smarter in the process. I value your privacy and will protect it.

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