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Show info Exhibitors Demonstrators Now in its 27th year The North of England Woodworking & Power Tool Show affectionately known as the Harrogate Show, has more than 40 top demonstrators each day, over 80 companies exhibiting. The Woodworking Shows provide education and events featuring the country’s top woodworking educators and exhibitors, while bringing together the woodworking www.Woodwork Project For 8 Year More >. North of England Woodworking and Power Tool Show is the largest and most established retail show of its kind in the UK. This annual show is a must for anyone interested in woodworking. From hobbyist to professionals, covering all disciplines of woodworking techniques.

Mar 21,  · The Woodworking Show is proud to say it’s a Canadian family-run business where everyone in the family has their part. With over 25+ years of event experience, The Woodworking Shows have expanded to four consumer shows Jon Peters Woodworking Plans 2020 in Southern Ontario – . Mar 11,  · Next show: West Palm Beach, Florida, June , Executive Briefing Conference. Annual educational and networking event features top speakers and woodworking . Awfs, Eurobois, Dubai Woodshow and the International Woodworking Fair are just some of the biggest events in the world. Learn more about the people, companies, products and services on show at the annual woodworking events. Discover attendee feedback, start networking prior to an event or book hotel accommodation for an upcoming show.

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